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    So I was looking up USB accelerometers for a project I'm working on, and I came across this site:

    The site looked a little funky to me, and it's kinda crazy for someone to charge $1500 for an accelerometer, so I started to take a look around. Apparently, part of the site is dedicated to an android that he's building.

    That's right. A domestic android.

    Guess who couldn't get a date to Senior prom? It's so creepy it's hilarious. There are people like this out in the world--this Chris Willis is either a genius or a lunatic. Possibly both.
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    The AD article, though not much is scientifically proved, is pretty interesting. I had a lot of beer can 'bowls' in my day, and there was always the rumor that it brought about AD when you got older... so, i'll be looking foward to a lot of those things they mention (not that I wouldn't be doing those anyway, as they create a generally healthier person).
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      PS: Those androids are the creepiest things I've ever seen.
      Death Rides a Horse


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        I think he's cool, he's chasing a goal that a lot of other people also have in mind for the eventual future, of course yeah the thing does look horrible, but such things can always improve. I really have to wonder how far one guy can make something closed enough to fit the purpose though.


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          crazy japs

          I saw some better, freakier videos of that japanese android a while ago, but I can't seem to find the link. I'll post 'em if I find 'em

          I think they took the older videos down. That's sad because those videos were hella creepy. I found some other vids :

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            What Valerie will NOT be able to do:
            * Eat or drink
            * Breathe
            * Perform other bodily functions.
            * Hurt people (Asimov's first law)
            * Have sex.
            * Put her head under water.
            * Take any water or other liquids into her head or mouth.
            * Drive a car (because she can't go outside).
            * Run a lawn mower (because she can't go outside).
            * Physical actions which people cannot do.
            * Sleep
            Find which one is the funniest.
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              Originally posted by Edify
              Find which one is the funniest.
              I hope it's Asimov's First Law. Extra points for busting out the OG nerd reference.

              Is it real or not? God, I hope so. It would be like finding out Santa Claus was actually REAL. Until I find out that she won't drink my load or shit on my face, of course.
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                I'm sorry, but I need a woman that can put her head under water.


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                  hooray watersports!