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Life's Lessons (volume I)

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  • Life's Lessons (volume I)

    ok ok ok

    got caught hot boxing a friends car...

    The Story
    me and a few of my close friends drove down to a local teen hang out in THE NATI (well its actually across the river but lets pretend!) any ways we light up one of the fattest joints i've ever had the pleasure to sit next and watch get rolled... We light and were off on a wonderful adventure looken for the preverbal "golden pot" of hoes the normal time for most ppl 35 min tops... but when u ride with my group of friends, while burning herb, it takes you 1 hr 10 min... we end up getting lost 3 times but make it there in one piece we light the bob marley incense and chill for bout 5 min passing whats left of the blunt... incense gets halfway burnt we put it out and go inside...
    (hell naw u cant see how i operate, lets just say between the dancen, stobes, single females, and that daze it was quite the experience)
    Da Ride Home
    we leave the club at about 12:00 to make it home b4 12:30. The drive home was just the same, we burnt another blunt jammin to the radio and inhaling the sweet aroma of the bob marly incense... BUT! b4 the nights complete we need to make a lil pit stop at Wendys (serious munchies) we order leave, drop my one friend off at his house. Me and my other friend drive home still a lil fuked. Pull in my drive way and his car starts pouring smoke from the hood... we pop the hood and get a rent outside to find out what we should do with the car... we decide on leaveing it in my street to cool off. I hop in a car, drop my friend off at his house, drive home and quickly spray his car with cologne and burn the rest of the bob marly incense... hopefully my plan will work

    you need to always bring these things b4 u toke or party kids[list=1][*]Blunt (duh)[*]roach clip[*]2 friends[*]a car[*]bob marly incense[*]a radio[*]the players black book (haha)[*]extra $ for food [*]collogue[*]umm[*]gum[*]cigs[*]zippo's[*]condoms[*]ya thats about it[/list=1]

    welcome to the life of HoGo

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    good work.
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      ahhh... ALMOST getting caught, the story of my life... ive been called in to the school office for sales with 5 polices officers present but my frinend takes the fall cuz he has all the shit, my parents find my brand new glass pipe in my yard, but cant pin it on me, me and my bro were out back smokin some jays and i felt sick so i go inside then just as i do my mom is goin out the other door and catches him and i dont have any time to warn him. all my friends have gotten caught and my one dumbass friend actually didnt deny everything and now we donth angout cuz his preshuss mommy doesnt like me..... so now me and my only friend who hasnt been caught hotbox his old cars in his garage and take all the nessecary precautions.
      Originally posted by Yoshiba
      i lag when i smoke weed


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        lol, getting caught, fucking kids. I actually talked face to face with my parents when i did that lol.
        There once was a man from Nantucket.


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          I still don't believe that Hogo has ever been close to, let alone touched, a woman (besides his mom). Until such proof becomes available, I think the story was probably more like : Hogo went out to tip a few cows with his cousins. After relaxing with a bit of moonshine, they spotted a few fine looking sheep and got to thinking... You can picture the rest.