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TWLB - No Playoffs!

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  • TWLB - No Playoffs!

    this is incredibly surprising to me. there is some new of a tourny but a find not having a playoffs sucks.
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    I think it's fine, that way you need to perform the entire season.
    I persume it will be a 22 week league then.
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      what the hell?

      it's going to be an 11 week TWL season with no playoffs?
      that's ridiculous acid. reconsider.
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        the site says there are playoffs


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            I think twld and twlj are having playoffs. Come on, everyone likes playoffs. If it was 22 weeks I wouldn't care, but to determine a champion on just 1 game played against each opponent seems too short. Especially when people have played all kinds of different teams based on squads dropping and joining.


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              all you damn basers let acid know that we want playoffs!
              Pallies Support Group "We all feel lonely sometimes"

              Pallies Basing Store (not just subspace merchandise)

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                Here ill even make a message u can send him

                ?message Acid:WTF WERE YOU THINKING, look at TWLJ and TWLD they have playoffs, yet basing doesnt? Everyone wants playoffs, so why not go with the majority? And how exactly can you decide the "champion" after only one game? Reconsider your decision.


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                  No offense but i'm not takign that lose to Onix i want a rematch. and besides if there isn't either 22 weeks on a playoff than we beat wr 100k-0k and thats really nto fair either
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                    Playoffs sucks.
                    The winner at the end of the season is the best squad overall and should be the winner. League system owns.
                    We should really play eachother twice tho, if not maybe playoffs is a better alternative afterall.

                    However, playoffs sucks.

                    Did I mention I think league system is more fair than playoffs?

                    Playoffs sucks.
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                      Playoffs are wonderful. You'll be hard pressed to show otherwise. Take a look at pro sports, basically everyone of them is based on some form of playoff or tournament at the end of regular season.
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                        Everyone wants playoffs.
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                          Originally posted by Mitch
                          You started the complaint about 22 weeks being too long. Now we don't get playoffs either. Acid, no one complained about 22 weeks being too long when it was stated to be that length in the beginning. In fact, nothing was mentioned of it until week 4 - and ONLY because of the retarded delays. Stick with 22 weeks. Playoffs aren't really that great, as it allows someone who didn't truly win the league to come back and win it.

                          But if you won't change it back to 22 and stick with ur original plans, at least give us playoffs. AT LEAST.
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                            Be smart, do it like the NFL baby.
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                              Think about these things because Sleepy Weasel wants you to.

                              1. Whiterabbits is a definite top 5 basing squad, possibly top 3. Only half the teams will have to face them though if we do 11 weeks and no playoffs, that doesn't seem fair. Plus with the bad rec they came into leagues with, they have 0 chance of winning

                              2. It looks like the top spots will have at most 2 losses. Say key players couldn't make a match on a certain week because of the time they were forced to schedule it at and they lose. Does that one loss really mean they aren't the best basing team? They should have another shot

                              3. A number of squads have had no show wins. That's huge in a season determined by only 11 total games.

                              4. Squads have played a number of different opponents (ok, this is a rehash of the whiterabbit one, but it's important for some squads whether they had to play ZH or British squad.)

                              5. A lot of squads were counting on a 22 week season or playoffs and may not have always been playing their A-lineup figuring if they lost it they could make it up later.

                              6. Playoffs are just damn fun and for every 1 person that doesn't want it I bet their are 5 people who do.

                              7. I know you like soccer, but the overwhelming majority of real sports use playoffs. Hell even my summer league frisbee team runs playoffs. What we do is 20 teams. 16 team playoffs. The top 12 are in. The bottom 8 play for the last 4 spots. Teams are seeding 1-16 and everyone is happy. It's for the exact same reasons as Trench wars should do them. So we can play rookies during the regular season, so key people can miss games because of work/vacation and not have their team want to kill them, so teams can come back from costly injuries, and because it's fun and makes people care because...

                              8. Without playoffs all the bottom squads will stop caring, and the winner is well... almost certainly the winner of this weeks light/diso match. What's the point of playing the remaining 5 games or whatever is left knowing that the winner is already determined. That's why playoffs are great. Say Light Diso has some major lag in it,, and some flukey plays and Light pulls off a 96-95k victory. Are you going to be content crowning light the champion, if say in 2 weeks a lag limit rule is put in place. Hell no, if say light is really #1 (just using as an example) they'll cruise to the playoffs against their weaker seeded opponents and then perhaps in a rematch vs Diso prove that their 1k win over them wasn't just some lag fluke.

                              How about this. Say Light just straight out beats Diso in a game with 0 controversy and finishes 11-0 while Diso finishes 10-1. Is Light the champion? Well who knows because Light never had to play the Rabbits and personally I think WhiteRabbits could very well defeat Light if they played. They beat us by a larger margin than Light did (I think)

                              9. That was a long 8, put some of that in 9.

                              10. twlj and twld have playoffs, why can't we?

                              Or a 22 week season, that would work also.