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    Captains list your Assistants here.

    Corsairs: Dwopple (C), Mouse (A), WBM (A), Cig Smoke (A)
    Thieves: Banks (C), Hulk (A), Joeses (A), Jurassic (A)
    Barbarians: violence (C), Cripple (A), Frozen Throne (A), RageRitual (A), Commodo (A), Sarger (A)
    Druids: Steadman (C), Ease (A), Ogron (A), Zidane (A)
    Assassins: TJ Hazuki (C), Willby (A), Markmrw (A), Stayon (A)
    Avengers: Hawkeye (C), Bombed (A), Sprackle (A), Turban (A)
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    Winningest baser all-time (13)
    Most basing finals all-time (22)
    Most kills ever in a terr game (81-6)
    Best finals game all-time (61-2)
    Winningest 10*of all-time in star cap in any ship/league (3)
    Only terr to ever average 60 KPG in a season (60.3)
    Most consecutive TWLB finals all-time (8)
    Best playoff season of all-time (58.6-1.1)
    Best regular season of all-time (54.0-4.3)
    Most triple crowns --TWLB/TWDT-B/Cup at same time-- ever (3)

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    Cig, Mouse, and wbm
    zidane> big play
    Omega Red> dwop sick
    mr mime> its called an orca smash u uncultured fk
    WillBy> ^^

    1:Chief Utsav> LOL
    1:Rule> we dont do that here.

    cripple> can u get pregnant if u cum in gf's ass


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      Banks (C), Hulk (A), JOESES (A), JURASSIC (A)
      4:cripple> everyone DOWNLOAD my cheat engine it removes .5 sec off ur respawn and adds a 3rd into regen energy link is here:


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        Ogron, zidane, and (reluctantly) Ease
        Mythril> when i met ease in 2001 he was a gameboy
        Shaw> it was sad steadman. ppl were saying morph was the best jav and stuff. sad times without you here
        mcvicar> the last time ease spoke to me is when he said fart and then claus said "Fart it is."
        Mythril> stead was wishing covid 14 on ppl back in the day

        Jessup> I was beat up by a dwarf once