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Skyforger - Warned for impersonating staff discussion thread

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  • Skyforger - Warned for impersonating staff discussion thread

    Anyone know what he did?

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    Ogrons a joke lol, he cant even get more than 4 kills in a tslj and meanwhile he can post warnings on forums mid basing 2017!! wohooo!!
    tmaC> 1:fireballz> im the greatest coordinator of all time
    capE> lucky he didnt say captain
    capE> LOL BURN

    Tapzu> tamzu vleane, we all know tou copied that nick from me

    1:merce> ima go take a shower and try to suk my own dick

    9:Fludd> guys, i want u all to know something..
    9:megaman89> fludd go play monopoly with children and dome

    1:Kentaro> nice gay name elven
    1:Kentaro> suits you well
    1:PUTAO> fuk urself fuk emo, ur mother suck mu penis all day screaming my name


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      as to the 'warnin' the opinion is the same as in the thread last season where ogron 'banned' me for shootin walls, but later deleted coz it was too embarrassing even for him