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TSL Season 2 Arena Graphic Is Up

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  • TSL Season 2 Arena Graphic Is Up

    The TSL Season 2 arena graphic is now up!

    As I mentioned several times this season, I've established a minimum standard of $500 to be listed as a TSL All-Star in all fighter ships (Warbird, Javelin, Spider, and Multi-Ship). I was debating between $450 or $500, and I opted for the latter. I had a horrible season in TSLJ, and grinded my way to $494, and I'm pretty sure I was like -100 plus-minus on the season, and did not deserve to be an All-Star. I felt like that was a good litmus test, and that $500 was a better standard. Moreover, everyone last season hit over $500, and it has established a level of excellence that I want to maintain going forward, so every season's achievements are comparable to previous seasons. I know some people will be disappointed or felt like it wasn't advertised enough, but I did write about it on forums and think it's important to apply across all seasons.

    Note, this is only for the arena graphic. If you finished in the Top 10 in Warbird, Javelin, or Spider, you still get the full trophy/All-Star status on the TWD website, and still get an automatic Finals starting spot with a chance to win a TSL Finals medal. I've always held the arena graphics to a higher standard in TWL and TWDT, and TSL will be no different. There's a reason benchers like Voth who did nothing aren't listed there.

    You can see your TWD awards here, which automatically award the full trophy/all-star status regardless of dollar amount value accrued.

    If you finished in the Top 10 without hitting that mark, you're still listed on the graphic with your position on the chart and dollar amount, so it's still pretty good. Hopefully it will incentivize players to play more and maintain the standard of excellence set forth by some really talented and dedicated players Season 1.

    You'll have that chance very soon, when TSL Season 3 begins in a few weeks.

    Until then, you'll have a chance to win some more medals by competing in the TSL Season 2 Finals, happening at 1:30pm EST on Sundays over the next three weeks.

    Good luck!
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