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    Thanks for the work Mark, appreciated.
    S18 TWLB Champ
    S19 TWLB Runner-Up
    S20 TWLD/TWLJ/TWLB Champ
    S21 TWLB Runner-Up
    S8/S9/S10 TWDT-D/TWDT-J/TWDT-B Champ
    S11 TWDT-B Runner-Up
    S12 TWDT-B Champ
    S13 TWDT-B Runner-Up
    S14 TWDT-B Champ
    S16 TWDT-B Runner-Up


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      EDIT: eh don't want any feathers ruffled
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      4:Best> pressure was a terr for halloween 4:Best> guy had 4 dudes on him attached

      4:Siaxis> what time is it in zimbobwe para?

      4:Children> every morning i wake up, look in the mirror and thank god i'm not paradise

      4:Best> Mighty's forehead has wifi

      4:Mighty> u guys ever eat a ketchup sandwich?

      4:sphinx> mighty fought a raccoon in an alley for some bbq chips

      4:RaCka> so what if paradise is dressing up as a slim jim for halloween?


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        Originally posted by Claushouse View Post
        Thanks for the work Mark, appreciated.
        Should be a fun TSLJ VoD, with me and mark on commentary this week lol.
        TWLD Champion 2014
        TWDTB Champion 2013
        TWDTB Champion 2016
        TWDTB Champion 2017
        -tj hazuki/hazuki :wub:


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          Originally posted by PrOnEsSim View Post
          Should be a fun TSLJ VoD, with me and mark on commentary this week lol.
          Wooo TJ finally not working!

          Can't wait to pretend i know what i'm talking about while watching Javs.

          If anyone wants to join in on the commentary feel free to join us on Discord -


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            Did someone record tslj finals?