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TSL-BASE RACE, 10mins or 15mins?

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    Originally posted by Heaven View Post
    this looks like base is staying at 15mins. thank you all for input.
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      Originally posted by Trasher View Post
      A major problem is subbing laggots, so something should be done to smoothen that process.
      I'd like to argue that this is probably the larger priority and the one major thing that breaks games the quickest, though I will assume this fix will be more difficult than changing basing length.
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        Originally posted by Heaven View Post
        this looks like base is staying at 15mins. thank you all for input.
        Why can't we do the best of 3 in wb/jd? It would make the time slots work and for those of us waiting through the incredibly lengthy base game worth while. Come on Heaven, I love you irl. OK maybe not irl but my respect for you is heavenly?, can't you see reason to my argument? I mean, Ogron, a known baser, created this league so I can't help but think he made it in favor of his favorite league. I'll be honest here, if I was to create a "tsl" like league I'd make WB games the best of 3, jav the best of 1 and base the first to hit 6 minutes, but surely you'd think I may be biased and act accordingly if I lost my ownership of my league? I just ask you look at this from a non biased standpoint. Base games eat up a LOT of time for those who aren't skilled basers and want to wb/jd. I just want this to be fair and reasonable. Thank you and hope you have a great rest of you week.

        Sincerely yours
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          Ixa as stated before wb/jav over the past 2 seasons have been played twice as much as base every season. So you already have biased bonus games that only work for wb/javs as there is never enough to play bonus base games after the scheduled base unless they did 2-3 bases in a row.


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            Ixa just focus on the vodka while the big boys play base.
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              Originally posted by Jones View Post
              Let' make it one round to 5 minutes
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                Originally posted by Crescent Seal View Post
                agreed +1
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                  Votes in is favoring, 15 minutes with basing...
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