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Qualifying for TWDL has begun!

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  • Qualifying for TWDL has begun!

    Qualifying for TWDL Season 1 started Saturday, Dec 17th and will run through Jan 22nd. Everything you need to know about the new league is posted HERE. I've been receiving some confusion from players on how the whole thing works, so I want to reiterate a few things to make this league more clear:

    Casual vs Ranked duels

    - There are CASUAL and RANKED duels. Casual duels (!ch player:#(league) will not be recorded, they're just for fun or for practice. Ranked duels (!ch+ player:#(league) are recorded and saved on the bot. Casual duels won't count towards anything, only ranked.
    - Also, dueling to 10 is an option. You just need to add :10 to the end of your challenge like this: !ch+ wirah:1:10. Challenging without the last :# will default your challenge to a duel to 5.

    How the Ladder/Rating system works and can I duel with anyone besides my partner?

    - You can (and should) duel with players besides your chosen partner for the Regular Season/Playoffs. Why? Read below
    - No matter who you play with during a RANKED match, you will receive an INDIVIDUAL rating based on your k/d for the match. (The person who carried the most gets more rating points, obviously).
    - Your TEAM rating is simply your INDIVIDUAL rating added to your partner's. So this means you can increase your TEAM rating with your chosen partner by playing matches with others.
    - You will only need (3) RANKED matches played with your chosen partner for the season. Your rating + your partner's rating will be what decides if you qualify for the regular season or not.

    So you don't even need a partner right now to begin working on your individual rating by dueling with other people. If you've already decided on a partner, it's still a good idea to duel with other people.

    tl;dr? Duel with other people.

    The important bot commands

    - !signup will register your name to play ranked 2v2 matches
    - !top #(league):#(number of teams displayed) will show you the top rated teams for each league. !top #(league) will show you the top 10 for that league. Ex. !top 1:30 will show you the top 30 rated teams in warbird
    - !rating player:#(league) will show you the INDIVIDUAL rating, k/d win/loss of said player in whichever league. Ex. !rating mythril:1 will show my individual warbird rating, k/d and w/l in any ranked games I play with ANY player
    - !last name:name:#(league):#(number of games displayed) will show you the history of a specific team's last played matches.
    - !zone will send out a zoner to everyone online that you/you and your partner are looking for other players to duel. There's a 20 minute limit on when you can reuse this command, so a total of 3 zoners per hour. That should be plenty.
    - !teams will display which teams are already on a frequency and eligible to challenge for RANKED matches
    - !score player will display the score of that player's entire duel

    Some issues that have come to our attention:

    - The team ratings on !top don't always seem to update, but don't worry, the duels are being logged somewhere as everyone's individual rating updates every duel. Qan will work to figure out the bug if it continues to be an issue
    - Sometimes there's a warp issue when duels begin. Resetting the duelbot seems to fix it everytime.

    Please let myself, wirah, markmrw, kim or qan know about any other issues you've found with the bot so we can address them.

    Good luck to everyone!
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