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  • TWDL Regular Season Starting Soon - Signup NOW

    The Regular Season for Season 1 of TWDL begins on Monday, January 22nd and will last 3 weeks before the Playoffs begin.

    The qualifying period has clearly been less than what I had originally hoped for with population reaching all time lows, but I believe we'll see how much fun this side league can be when the regular season begins. Because of this, it makes no sense to have any requirements to qualify for the actual league. All you need to do is find a partner and signup and you'll be eligible to play and earn points every week of the season. I'll keep signups open during the entirety of the regular season to bring in any newcomers, but any lates will be fighting an uphill battle to qualify for the Playoffs.

    However, this doesn't mean that the qualifying period has been pointless. I'll be rewarding the top teams on the ladder at midnight on Sunday, Jan 21st with their respective ladder points. This means playing now still matters and can help you qualify for the Playoffs. Right now we seem to have some bugs with the bot with updating team ratings. I'll speak with Qan to see what we can fix but if necessary, I will just spend some extra time manually adding every team's ratings together since a team's rating is simply individual rating added to individual rating.

    Remember, each week of the Regular Season will be a free-for-all where you can duel any other eligible team at any point to receive weekly dueling points and also climb the ladder (by playing ranked matches with any random partner) to help your team receive your weekly ladder points. The original concept of this can be read in the introduction thread here

    I'll elaborate more on this and post all the updated details as we get closer. But for now, thanks to everyone who has already signed up and thank you for being willing to give something new in this game a chance. We still need a lot more people to signup to make this as much fun as possible. Good luck!
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