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TWDL Reg Season Begins Saturday, Jan 28th

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  • TWDL Reg Season Begins Saturday, Jan 28th

    Postponing the start of the regular season until this weekend. As of right now we have 12 teams signed up for TWDL-D and TWDL-J, 9 for TWDL-S. I'll be active this week trying to get as many teams signed up as possible before we begin the season and I'll also be posting more details about the format within the next couple days. The goal is to have at least 16 teams signed up for jav/wb, so if you're interested in playing this thing then keep looking for a partner! If you need in-game assistance feel free to PM/message me. I've been trying to pair people up whenever I logon.

    Good luck! More info coming soon.
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