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    Ok i dont care whatany of you say....I love lev duels....they are the most graceful of all the tw ships and a lev duel is a real thnking mans duel rather than the lagfest that the others can sometimes be, Ive read the arguments against lev duel about killing someone in another box and stuff but why not alter one of the wb/spi boxes so that it has a box within a box maybe

    The outer box would be the normal box and surely a slightly smaller inner box could be made so that theres no splash damage to other boxes, Although people may not be vocal in their support for lev duels i think it would be good if the largest range of ships possible are made available to duel in.....maybe even weasels with stealth and cloak disabled :-)

    Anyway post comments on what you think please, and one last point against people who say that altered boxes will limit their valuable fighter boxes then why not make a ?go duel2 or similar arena for the "minority" ships like levs,sharks,lancs,terriers and the rest?

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    Lev duels actually require skill in aiming and setting up portals but you must see that... most people are ignorant fools and just wouldn't agree to lev dueling :/

    Even if you got your wish how many people would duel in a lev? I'm pretty sure a lot of TW players wouldn't ever be caught dueling in lev 1 vs 1 I know I wouldn't. It would take too long and I just don't think enough players would lev duel to make full use of a duelbot... now terrier duels on the other hand... xD!
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