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Sawyer BREAKS IT DOWN - TWEL-S11 Predictions

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  • Sawyer BREAKS IT DOWN - TWEL-S11 Predictions

    My power rankings for TWEL-S Season 11

    1. Sawyer - The unexpected champion from last season who obliterated every big name that he paired up against (Usoi, Shock Therapy, Fatrolls, Ease, myself) on his path to the title, easily beating the most difficult bracket by far last year. His dueling skills from EG easily translate over to spider dueling. He sprays 4-5-6-7 shots at a time with deadly accuracy. If you go into a duel with him not knowing what he's about to do, you'll easily find yourself down 0-5 in about a span of a minute. Chatted with him a bit to see how he felt about the upcoming season:

    :sawyer:yo bro, you willing to do an interview for TWEL-S?
    :Sawyer:awesome, how do you feel about defending your title this season? you kinda took the league by storm last season, ppl had no idea you could win
    (Sawyer)>I'll try my best to hold onto the title and I'm feeling pretty confident that I can pull it off. Last season was kind of a let down in terms of how easy it was to get to the finals, however the final match vs. you was pretty intens
    (Sawyer)>My vision went blurry on the last point from the severe concentration
    (Sawyer)>I never won any subspace related leagues/tournaments in my life so I was pretty happy to be able to come out as the champ, also I'm glad I was able to represent Paladen because we get a lot of shit from the stacked squads and becau
    (Sawyer)>good players aren't really interested in joining us.
    (Sawyer)>Hopefully Paladen will be able to make it to the playoffs this year in TWLD and possibly to the finals, we've been training a lot this year and we got a nice line set up, Jessup, Up In Ya!!, jebass, FatRolls and Sawyer
    :Sawyer:ya it was really cool seeing paladen in the crowd cheering you on
    :Sawyer:i remember being really surprised by your playstyle, nobody else plays spid like you do, where did you come up with that?
    (Sawyer)>Spiders in TW are a lot like the Warbird in Extreme Games, they both have a similar play style when it comes to dueling 1v1. Both ships utilize a continuous attack to defeat the enemy, both ships require you to watch your and your
    (Sawyer)>opponent's energy, and both ships require you to move in on the opponent after an initial hit to get the kill so I guess I would attribute my style to all the training I received dueling in EG, I'm one of the top duelers in EG
    (Sawyer)>top 5 for sure.
    :Sawyer:im not surprised at all, thanks for the interview man
    :Sawyer:alwasy fun to see you duel in spid
    (Sawyer)>thanks myth, you're a great spider as well, defintely the best I've dueled yet, you have a very safe play style that's hard to read. Perhaps we'll see each other again in the finals this season.
    (Sawyer)>I'd just like to say one last thing
    :Sawyer:haha thanks for the words man, ya go ahead
    (Sawyer)>A lot of players in TW see the spider as a base-only ship and never bother to give it a chance as a dueling ship which is sad because it can teach you a lot about dueling that the WB never can. It's an almost perfect dueling ship,
    (Sawyer)>the one thing I would add, at least in duels only is give it a tad bit more thrust speed so you can come in for the kill in certain scenarios, or even use the added thrust to speed up your gun's speed.
    (Sawyer)>That's probably also why many players never bother to duel in the spider because they are so used to the WB's thrust technique that they find the spider boring without it.
    :Sawyer:ya spid dueling is by far the most skill based ship i think in 1v1
    :Sawyereople have been saying the same about lanc
    (Sawyer)>true, the lanc's nice too, gotta mess around in that one more often

    2. Ease - Probably would have won it all last season if he didn't get anally raped by Sawyer in the semis last year. Has maybe the perfect style in spider and his deadly aim is enough to beat most on even a bad day for him. Unfortunately for him, he's over confident to the point of never practicing and it caught up to him last season when he had no clue how badly Sawyer was going to dip his nuts on top of his face. I hear he's ready for a rematch this season, though.

    3. Stayon - Elite TWLB spider and also elite spider dueler. It's near impossible to find players more skilled than him. How far he goes in the bracket really depends on how much he cares.

    4. Solace - Similar to Stayon, one of the most elite spid duelers in the zone. It's always hard to stay on your game while inactive though.

    5. LaSenza - This of course depending on if he gets 1 more game in to qualify. Elite aim, dodge, IQ, patience and pretty much everything else that matters in winning duels.

    6. Mythril - Got 8 kills on Sawyer. Enough said.

    7. Shock Therapy - Big name who has dominated spider dueling for years. Not sure how far he's going to go as he doesn't seem to care about this game anymore.

    8. TJ Hazuki - The most active dueler in spider this season. Can upset an opponent if he doesn't get too impatient. He has a tendency to lose patience and not clamp down during crunch time. Can see him going far if the cards fall in his favor.

    9. Fatrolls - Has Sawyer's genes as they're brothers. He's also a dangerous spider who put up a good fight against his brother in the earlier rounds last year. Another one of those deceptively good EG duelers.

    10. Children - Could see him winning it all or trolling the tournament, who knows?
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    Seeing as how I missed qualifying for this league due to lack of games, if a no show happens, I would like to put my name in for that spot, if I have to duel whoever it is who is supposed to get it, even better, that would give me the 5th I needed in the first place.


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      (Sawyer)>It's an almost perfect dueling ship

      He's right about that. Spid by far the best ship for 1v1 dueling.
      You come at the King, you best not miss.


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        I dissagree, mhz, and it's because of what sawyer had said earlier, there needs to be a better way to capitalize on an opponents weakness, other then floating at their ship and spraying out bullets, I'd like to see some kind of rushing possible in the ship before I subscribe to that statement.

        Edit. actually just came up with a possible way of solving that issue. If everytime a bullet hit the opponent it momentarily shut off their ability to fire back.. say for 2 seconds or even 3 seconds(for reference a warbird's cooldown between shots is 3 seconds), it would make it more practical to try to close with a rush and also move away from a rush. Just a theory though, it might make it horrible, I dunno. Spiders would probably also need a better energy:distance ratio then they currently have for preforming those rushes/escapes. That would make spider much more fast paced. Probably would be too much though, and change the overall feel of spider that a lot of players likely play it for.
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