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TWEL-J11 Semi-Final: Best vs Pjotter

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  • TWEL-J11 Semi-Final: Best vs Pjotter

    Season 6 TWEL-J Champion Pjotter came out of retirement to prove he can still be an elite dueler in an age where most of today's players believe today's talent is far superior to the oldschool elites. Best is a 2-league monster who has dominated the zone for the last few years and is undoubtably one of today's elites. In a league where TWEL-J is by far the most stacked and toughest to win, these 2 have been the best duelers thus far and will battle it out to see who claims the first spot and a 1-0 lead in this season's TWEL-J Finals.

    Pjotter made an early statement when he defeated the reigning champion, Turban, in round 2. However, Best has had to go through one of the toughest runs in TWEL history. Best has been too much in the clutch as he's won close duel after close duel against giant after giant. It will be interesting to see how Pjotter handles Best's constant pressure as Best has controlled the pace of every duel he's played in.

    Best's run to the title:

    Round 1: 10-7 vs Rough
    Round 2: 10-8 vs Stayon
    Round 3: 11-9 vs Spawnisen
    Round 4: 12-10 vs Kim

    Pjotter's run:

    Round 1: 10-1 vs Jessup
    Round 2: 10-8 vs Turban
    Round 3: 10-10 vs Revered (Revered forfeited at the greatness of Pjotter)
    Round 4: 10-5 vs Tiny

    The duel is currently being scheduled.
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