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TWEL Qualifying Ends This Sunday at Midnight EST

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  • TWEL Qualifying Ends This Sunday at Midnight EST

    Qualifying for TWEL Season 12 Playoffs ends on Sunday, July 31st. When midnight EST hits, I'll freeze the ladders and create the playoff brackets for Season 12. TWEL Playoffs will then immediately begin (August 1st) and the top duelers in the zone will compete until new Champions are crowned. I'll be writing some quick predictions threads for the leagues in the next day or so.

    THERE IS STILL ENOUGH TIME TO QUALIFY. Here are the requirements:

    TWEL-D: A minimum of 10 duels played in Warbird, Top 32
    TWEL-J: A minimum of 10 duels played in Javelin, Top 32
    TWEL-S: A minimum of 3 games played in Spider, Top 16/32

    NOTE: TWEL-L has been removed due to lack of participation.

    How the $200 Cash Pot will be divided between winners:

    TWEL-D: 1st Place - $50. Runner-Up: $25
    TWEL-J: 1st Place - $50. Runner-Up: $25
    TWEL-S: 1st Place: $35. Runner-Up: $15

    Heaven is also adding an additional $50 as a bonus to anyone who wins more than 1 league.

    It's not too late to qualify. If you're in need of duels, reach out to your squad or PM players until you find opponents. Wicket <ER> will be hosting the arena all weekend in hopes that more play. Thanks to everyone who has already participated this season and to those who choose to put their egos on the line to also compete for the Playoffs. Good luck.
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