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TWEL-J Season 12 Predictions: The Champions' League

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  • TWEL-J Season 12 Predictions: The Champions' League

    Although population and activity are at an all time low, this league has never been more stacked with talent. With 3 returning TWEL-J Champions, it should be a good one. Thanks to Turban for the interview.

    1. Turban - I would argue that Turban is the most skilled Javelin to ever enter the trenches. His main advantage, besides his lag, is his ability to kill from more positions and with a wider array of shots than any of his opponents. With his unique vision, it’s like he’s not even looking at the same map as anyone else. It’s not until you duel him that you realize you’re never safe, and once he hits you with one of his ridiculous shots, many tend to lose composure and proceed to become target practice for Turban’s onslaught (Amnesti vs Turban, Season 10 TWEL-J Final). His tendency to rely on only fancy shots has hurt him in the past, but he seems prepared to become the first ever 2-time TWEL-J Champion. I caught up with him for an interview:

    Mythril> Hello Turban.. my TWEL-J Champion friend... how are you feeling about this upcoming season?
    turban> I'm feeling extremely confident about this season, there simply isn't much competition left in the game with only two or three players capable of challenging me.
    turban> it's just a matter of not getting too complacent against inferior players like 24 and revered
    Mythril> LOL? 24 is a TWEL-J Champion as well, show some respect. The reigning Champ, Tiny, is also returning
    turban> with all due respect, I think both of them are bad duelers.
    Mythril> Are you telling me you feel no threat to the throne this season...? Ease, Stayon, Kim, Roiwerk, Iron Survivor, Fork. I could go on and on at the talent this season...
    Mythril> Also, one of the greatest duelers ever, d i c e 2 0 1 6 representative, Waven, might be returning
    turban> while I do have mad respect towards my boy waven, he got absolutely smashed by me two weeks ago and doubt he will recover from such a beating.
    Mythril> LOL
    Mythril> No respect.
    turban> as far as the rest go, only Stayon and Ease pose a threat .. like, who the fuck is Fork and what is Iron doing in jav dueling?
    Mythril> You forgot to mention undefeated god guru and #1 ranked player... 'Cres'
    Mythril> Nobody can beat him.
    turban> man the dueling scene sure is in a shit state right now if that is true .. think it's about time someone showed who is the boss
    Mythril> You know, winning this season would make you the first player to ever win this league twice.
    turban> I'll utterly destroy all competition and win my second title, but I wish luck to all the participants
    turban> thanks, I'll pm you my paypal address in advance.
    Mythril> You fucked up when you didn't join dice in 2016. Fuck you sir and good luck.
    turban> think i have to qualify for TWEL-D to make you swallow those words, good sir.
    turban> good luck.
    Mythril> We're done here.

    2. Tiny - The REIGNING and DEFENDING TWEL-J CHAMPION…. TINYYYYYYYYY!!!. If Turban wasn’t such a tryhard, I would put Tiny as #1. What he did last season was unprecedented, taking out giant after giant in the very first double elimination TWEL tournament. While he may not be one of the flashier javelins playing this season, he showed that dueling IQ, as well as mental toughness is what’s most important when going through the hellacious grind that is a TWEL bracket. Although he’s barely practiced, it would be a mistake to underestimate the defending Champ.

    3. 24 - He’s the only other player on this list who also knows the feeling of standing alone on the mountaintop as an undisputed TWEL-J Champion. Like Turban, 24 is an incredibly skilled player who knows how to defeat anyone in 1v1 combat. His patience and awkward style are tough for anyone to gauge, and when 24 has a lead on you, he rarely looks back. We’ll see if any of these top 3 players can become the first 2-time TWEL-J champ.

    4. Best - If you haven’t noticed, Best has massacred this entire zone in every ship for the last few seasons. He’s ultra aggressive with maybe the most unstoppable arsenal of offense currently in any ship. When you duel him, you’re in his world, trying to offset the pace that’s proven to be too difficult for most to contain. Whether that style can work throughout an entire bracket against every kind of jav will be one of the most interesting stories to watch this season.

    5. Ease - Greatest jav ever, but he’s still yet to win that elusive TWEL-J title. He’s come extremely close in each of the past 2 seasons, but each time fell prey to his own flaws, whether it was hunger against Turban in their 3 ½ hour long duel, or just going full tilt mode vs Revered last season. It’s clear that he has the talent to win it all, but we’ll need see an Ease who’s more locked in.

    6. Stayon - Papi, the king, leader of d i c e 2 0 1 6. What surprised me most about playing with Dice this season was seeing how Stayon isn’t as engaged in this game as he has been in the past. When you’ve accomplished all that he has in the golden age of this game and you’re now playing TWLJ’s with myself and Henry Saari, I can’t blame him. While he’s not as driven anymore to dominate the competition, you would be a fool to underestimate him. Like Turban said, he’s still one of the favorites in the running to win this whole thing.

    7. Kim - Kim has been a top tier javelin in this game for what feels like centuries. If you look at the history of TWEL-J, you’ll find that a staple of this league has been Kim’s excellence. He was in the Top 5 in the very first season ever, and proved his longevity as a 1v1 dueler as he was Top 5 once again last season - he’s done it a total of 5 times. With probably more experience than anyone in this league, having faced every legend the game has seen, he’s poised to make another deep run this year.

    8. Revered - The Sawyer of Javelin. The only guy who can compare to how aggressive this guy plays is Children in his prime. He’s the kind of guy who would rather brawl than play a tactful and calculated game. He’s in your face, capitalizing on every hesitated mistake that his style creates. If he’s able to control the pace, I don’t know if there’s anyone who can stop him.
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