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TWEL Remaining Schedule

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  • TWEL Remaining Schedule

    With 2 rounds of the winner’s bracket and still 6 rounds of the loser’s bracket remaining, there’s no way we’re going to finish the tournament unless we start ramping up the deadlines for each round, especially the loser’s bracket. Hopefully with activity sparking back up with TWL mostly over and less vacations etc. due to the nature of summer, we’ll be able to get this thing over with and crown new champions in about a month from now. Players who are actually looking to duel asap have had no problems finding their opponents (24, vys, iron, racka, tiny) so hopefully everyone adopts that same attitude from here on out.

    As a reminder, here are the updated Cash Prize Rewards for each league:

    TWEL-D: 1st Place - $125. 2nd Place - $40. 3rd Place - $10
    TWEL-J: 1st Place - $125. 2nd Place - $40. 3rd Place - $10
    TWEL-S: 1st Place - $75. 2nd Place - $20. 3rd Place - $5
    Winning multiple leagues: Extra $50

    Here’s the remaining schedule:

    Round 4 Winner’s Bracket: Ends Thursday, September 22nd
    Round 5 Winner’s Bracket: Ends Sunday, October 2nd

    Loser’s Bracket Round 3: Ends Friday, Sept 16th.
    Loser’s Bracket Round 4: Ends Wednesday, Sept 21st
    Loser’s Bracket Round 5: Ends Monday, Sept 26th
    Loser’s Bracket Round 6: Ends Sunday, October 2nd
    Loser’s Bracket Round 7: Ends Thursday, October 6th
    Loser’s Bracket Round 8 (Loser’s Final): Ends Sunday, October 9th

    FINALS: The week of October 10th-16th. Must be a scheduled match so I can promote it and hopefully have the final duels recorded.

    As more and more players fall into the loser’s bracket and the number of players begins to thin out, it shouldn’t be too difficult to finish this thing according to schedule. If you do need extra time for whatever reason, let me know (I’m much more lenient towards players who are active and have proven they can make up the missed time). Dueling ahead of schedule is much preferred.

    I’ll have time tomorrow to send out messages and I’ll be writing some midseason reviews soon now that we have a much clearer picture of the tournaments. Thanks to everyone who has participated and good luck to everyone still competing!
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    Please update twel d , i beat healt and olde already
    TWLD 2016 Champion
    TWDTD champion x 3
    Potenza 4 LIFE