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RaCka - TWEL-D Champion (With Finals Video)

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  • RaCka - TWEL-D Champion (With Finals Video)

    A multitude of elites, veterans, and up-and-coming hopefuls entered Season 12 of TWEL-D to fight at a chance of winning $125 and the real grand prize: claiming the rare title of TWEL-D Champion. Anyone who has gone far enough in these leagues knows that the path to the Championship is a grueling one. There’s nobody else to blame losses on. The next duel always looms over your head and scheduling the perfect time to play someone doesn’t exist. You have to show up at any time of day and compare abilities with another player who wants to win just as badly. The toughest thing, your ego is on the line like in no other league this zone has to offer. There can only be 1 winner. And this season, RaCka decided that nobody else in the tournament was going to deny him his seat on the throne.

    RaCka’s path to TWEL-D Champion:
    Round 1: RaCka vs 24 (10-3)
    Round 2: RaCka vs Iron Survivor (10-6)
    Round 3: RaCka vs 2pacZ (10-4)
    Round 4: RaCka vs Best (7-2)
    Winner’s Final: RaCka vs Ricko (10-4)
    Grand Final: RaCka vs Ricko (10-5)

    RaCka’s path is one of the most dominant in history. He went up against many of the game’s elite and allowed none of them to get close. With his aggressive nature and how close range he plays against people, it’s unbelievable that he ends this season with an overall record of 57-24.

    The final showdown featured the King against a surprise Finalist in Ricko who had proven himself as a top tier dueler, knocking out his own string of elites on his way to the Grand Final. Both players showed up to the Championship Round warmed up and ready to decide the outcome.

    As the Grand Final began, Ricko was able to keep RaCka out of his preferred range very early on, as both players frustrated their way into sloppy starts, missing easy shots that are gimme’s when shot with confidence and rhythm. As soon as RaCka landed his first rush to lead 2-1, the duel completely changed. RaCka forced Ricko into his world - a purely close range battle that nobody in the game can survive. Ricko managed to land some counter shots, but was never able to string enough together to steal the momentum from a RaCka who knew the title was shifting closer and closer with each devastating rush. What started off slow became a familiar chapter in RaCka’s season as he stampeded to the finish, displaying Championship level mastery of 1v1 to defeat his final opponent, 10-5.

    Congratulations to RaCka and Ricko for making it to the finals, both grabbing some cash (RaCka $125, Ricko $40) and putting on a show for 60-plus people in the crowd. Congrats to RaCka on his impressive Championship run. Make sure to PM both guys with your congrats as well!

    Here’s a video of the Grand Finals: (forgive rookie mistakes, not used to recording just yet)

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    Congrats Racka, nice season Ricko and congrats on runner up .Thanks for posting this Mythril I enjoyed watching.. was a good duel!!


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      Congrats Racka!
      Originally posted by jerome
      can we stop and wonder in amazement at the fact that we play a VIDEO GAME that has "generations"???


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        congrats to Racka, he deserved it.

        It was a good duel up to the 12 minute mark, then I ran out of steam and willpower - guess this happens when you're not involved in the game enough anymore.

        Also apologies for the eats - if it helps, watching this duel back your shots were way smoother here; half of them were appearing a few inches from my ship at the time hence the crap deaths (it was my lag so can't complain).
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