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Marksmin vs Spastic Week 5 LB APPEAL

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  • Marksmin vs Spastic Week 5 LB APPEAL

    First of all, thank you to spastic for allowing menelvagor to participate, and congrats on fingering us in javelins and warbirds. You guys teamed better and played were more powerful pilots. Furthermore we will finger you in all future matches and are masters over you.

    I am appealing this match because the robot would not allow me to add our 8th player (Thrill) during the game. Lots of time was spent trying to add her, she was on our LB roster but somehow got removed (mods said they aren't sure what happened).

    Multiple players were spending time typing and trying to add her. When she was finally added, she was afk for a few minutes because she thought she wasn't able to play. This cost us several minutes of possibly being competitive in this match. It is extremely hard to shark while trying to add someone to game/asking mods for help/telling people to relax, and I wasn't the only one doing this.

    Spastic played great today and I am not trying to take away from their win, but this bot error is no fault of our own and caused us a big disadvantage not being able to add someone who was supposed to be on our lb roster.

    Allow replay from 0-0. Thank you bless you.

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    Most appeals in a TWL season award winner


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      If appeal is granted spastic is to be given approx a 3 min advantage...was there to witness thrill entered arena shortly after game already started. Maybe not exactly 3 min but for sure spastic had a bit of time locked up already


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        Screenshotted the first time in 15 years I seen violence not talk in viop
        Big Chill


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          Great news everyone, viop went to skool
          Trench Wars Player

          “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” ― Oscar Wilde


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            typink in english or my own languige doesnt mean i went 2 school or not and usink propir english doesnt make ne1 smartir or bettir than ne1 else all that mattirs is your ictions n how u behafe


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              TWL operators have voted to deny with a 2-0 vote. This vote was done between me and Lockdown as Undercut would have had a conflict of interest.

              Spastic showed great sportsmanship and matched Marksmin with same amount of players in the beginning which resulted in an early 7vs7 basing experience. Thrill was forcefully added roughly 4 minutes and 10 seconds into the game by ixt who answered the help call and acted promptly enough. This match was lost by12 minutes and 44 seconds with Spastic being in control for pretty much the entire match.

              If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact a TWL operator online.