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    Dueling Cup signups are open. To signup yourself to play in draft league format Warbird and Javelin league drop a message under this post or signup with DuelingCupBot at ?go elim

    Drafting, captains and other neccesary dates will be released later!

    Get in touch if you want to captain a team.

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    Following the success of Basing Cup and TWDT 2018, Warbird and Javelin cup continue draft league format to fill weekends with competitive games.

    Considering this cup only needs 5 players to be fielded per team the roster cap could be lower than in Basing Cup or TWDT therefore enabling possibility for 8-10 teams depending how many players are willing to cap.

    We could look towards having two different kind of game formats in this cup:


    During week many players have limited show rate but in general there are players around for games. WB & Javelin cup could focus on activating lower rated (newer) players during week by using star limitations that allow more lower star players to play. This also gives more focus to captains to select balanced team with pro players as well as using newer potential.

    Star limits: 1x 9-10 star, 1x 8-star, 3x 7-6 star

    During weekends and mainly Sundays it seems that we can maximize player amounts therefore we could use more TWDT like star limits for Sunday games and make them more focused on pro players of the zone.

    Star limits: 2x 9-10 star, 1x 8-star, 1x 7-star, 1x 6-star

    This Warbird & Javelin cup would focus on activating both layers of players we have in the zone, newer players during the week and focus on veterans during weekends. Maximizing and activating as many players as possible gives them incentive and sense of belonging meaning they stay logged on and have more interest towards competitive gaming, it also puts focus on veteran captains to pick balanced teams and focus on low-star players too as they would be required to field them during weekday games.

    If required, weekday and Sunday games can have different kind of scoring system given different level of players playing in games. For example weekday games could reward 0.5 points for victory while Sunday games reward full 1 point. However suggesting that it would be more beneficial and give more incentive to captains if we reward the games equally 1 point for each victory either during week or weekend.

    At the end of the season 4 best teams from Warbird and Javelin ladder play in play-offs and cup concludes to finals between the two best teams. Play-offs and finals will be best of 3, normal games best of one.


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      I'm in

      6 star wb
      6.5 star jav


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        Stop using black text on a black background you monster.


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          Also stop killing basing you monster.


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            Although I think it's now perfect time to do a squad based league, if you are going to do another draft immediately, why not do separate draft/teams for each type?

            One player who signups for all 3 could get drafted on 3 different teams. That way no final nail in the coffin for basing, but you still get to have 8-10 teams for dueling, while basers get 4-6. Would also give more options for cap selection, because more people are competent in at least 1 league and it's less demanding.


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              Ill give it a try....sign me up i suppose.
              Geio> Down to chill and play that
              Best> rather log off and attempt to suck my own d


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                Should seriously consider just signing up everybody from dt who played at least one WB or jav game. If they tell you they won't play later, remove them. As long as caps are made aware this was done so they are more cautious with their picks. More names will speed up the process and increase interest etc. Names will be easy to find on stat pages

                Just my 2 cents


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                  Sign me up


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                    Is this 'draft' thing really the only league you can think of? There are other ways to get even almost every involved. With this teams of 10 it will be another bench celebration for the people who get a higher rating than they should be. Why not make a big 4v4 league and let everyone make their own team. Yes, there will be some uneven teams if you look towards ratings etc. But that can be fixed. You could seperate the 'high rated' teams and the 'low rated' teams into groups. They could both play their own league. I understand that many we all want fair competition, but I also think it should be made possible that high star players get their competitive games like they had in TWL. And yes, TWDT isnt that high quality, you always have these low star players who make teams unbalanced. It will be a festival of which captain spots the best low star rating.

                    I even see enough players asking for TWEL or that 2v2 league. Why not get into that? No... We have stick with this drafting... Enough people only game during the week. Why not make it an option that these teams can schedule their own match? If it aint working, they have to play on sunday. Simple..
                    Major Crisis


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                      If you're going to set something up as a marquee event like a Sunday matchday would be then why not go for broke on that day and put in tighter restrictions. Because it says 6 OR 7 star on the Thursday matches, which lets be honest probably means the 7* get the go ahead in most cases. Taking into account activity, picks, and skewed ratings, if things averaged towards a two 7*, one 6* match I think that's pretty good, and is very possible. But you can't just assume this is what will happen so I'm just letting you know ahead of time that the 6* strata is not going to be happy. Also don't assume that newer players only can be rated 6* or even 7*.. in TWDT, M_M God was rated a 6 in wb and played a few games because of that fact. They weren't rushing and crushing like some other goons out there but they weren't dying for free either, provided support fire, etc. I thought M_M God was a very OP 6* and not at all new to the game either.

                      Honestly it gives me an idea for how to do ratings. Clearly one of the best indicators for skill is if you won shit on this if you get a certain championship you get a certain rating. 5 star could be fresh, new, 6 star could be pub destroyer, 7* is good duelist, but never won or competed, 8* is runner up in whatever the league chosen, 9* is a champion in say TWDT, 10* is champion in multiple seasons. Could have modifiers for being away from the game for a while, if you won multiple championships but were a small part, you could have a modifier to that bringing you down to something like a 7 potentially. And if you won in one league it makes you an 8 in the rest. I'm not sure if that's a good system but there needs to be a way to create like, a baseline, from which our opinions can be built on. Maybe we need some super long math formula that enters all your statistics for all your games played, analyzes it all, and tells you your rating.
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                        Originally posted by zidane View Post
                        Should seriously consider just signing up everybody from dt who played at least one WB or jav game. If they tell you they won't play later, remove them. As long as caps are made aware this was done so they are more cautious with their picks. More names will speed up the process and increase interest etc. Names will be easy to find on stat pages

                        Just my 2 cents
                        +++ Don't see a reason why we couldn't.


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                          Put me in coach
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                            Goal should be to make the game as active as possible, there are not even a handful of new players playing this game. It is much much more realistic to hope old returning players could get back into the game because of X league than some new player from steam.

                            10 teams should be the goal, its going to be hard to get the captains for it though. Maybe start bribing people with donation money or find another way to incentivize.


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                              I feel like the supposed pro players need an audience or something. Like why can't we have two separate divisions (experienced and '''''new''''''''''' let's say) that maybe even play at different times.. why do we always need to compete for the same spots. I'm a huge fan of Ogron and effort he's put into the game, and I hope this doesn't seem like an insult because he is a good terr and player, but if I have to watch him in either warbird or jav again I'll probably be done with "competitive" no offense. It was funny the first time but he got played every single game, on top of playing this game a lot anyway. And he's still just average/below average. I showed up to support my team and maybe play if I'm needed (only begged when we're down a round in the finals, what can go wrong by switching it up? they already beat your main line up) but it feels like I, and others, are just there to be spectators. This is just my opinion only but I'm tired of showing up to mediocre games and not being able to play. Either show me a great game that is worth my time to watch, or let me practice these team game modes with other players. Don't recruit a bunch of people then bench them just so they can watch trash.