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    Originally posted by Grasps View Post
    Fuck TSL, Fuck Henry Sowwy and all the incompetent fucks who surround him.

    Qan, stop being a puppet for this prick, your deserve better man.

    Henry, you need to step the fuck down before you get knocked the fuck down. There are plenty of hungry, goal driven individuals who would run laps around you in your position, your nothing man, your less than dogshit. I'd happily take over or see that Ogron, Major, and the like who actually care, get shit done and would be healthy for TW to be in your stead. I'm fed up, a lot of us are. Seriously, go back to DSB or someshit please.

    Holy shit I just saw this...spit that fiya

    But Henry is nice, I like that dude!
    3:Steadman> ive been a leader in every league of legends and basketball game ive ever played in