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Weird problem on high res.

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  • Weird problem on high res.


    I've got a very weird problem. A few months ago I was playing fine. Came back for a visit today and odd problem.

    First up, when I ran the client I got an odd message about keyboard mapping or something - it offered me various choices in a sort of grey window, nothing I'd seen before - anyone know what this is? I clicked on "classic keys" and the normal start screen loaded up.

    I entered TW as before - set to full screen 4k resolution (which has worked before loads of times). For some reason the resolution looked off (graphics looked big and stretched). When I went to enter the arena, I couldn't see my ship. I'm guessing it was off the bottom right of the screen. Game didn't seem to play properly. Couldn't see chat or anything.

    I quit, and clicked on to windowed mode. Game loaded OK, but graphics seems overly large - like I was running in 1280x1024 or similar. All worked fine, but stretched and fuzzy, and the window border very obvious.

    So, any idea what is going on? Is windows doing some sort of weird stretching thing? Can I turn it off? What was the odd keyboard mapping message about? How can I play at native resolution again, like I used it?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I've also tried enabling and disabling software emulation for the graphics - not that I really think that will help.

    If I go into pub, full screen, and enter the game, my ship is in the bottom right corner - is this a server setting, or my OS doing some stretching stuff? - news, reviews and articles of a techy nature


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        Hey, thanks for posting about this problem. It's definitely related to some changes on Steam that we're still finishing up. Unfortunately, since we can't modify the game itself we have to focus on the installer, which can cause some problems. The keyboard mapping setup was a new feature being worked on which will make the game more accessible, especially for people with laptops who can't access some keys very easily.

        Would you be willing to check a couple of things?

        First, what resolution does it show as selected under the Resolution menu? There's a possibility there might not be any check mark next to it. If that's the case I'll have to ask you to do one more thing, and the issue should be fixed after that.

        When you open your Profile, what does it say under Resolution -- is there something selected, or does it just say Default?

        And, last one, what verison of Windows are you running? Also would like to know if it's 32 or 64 bit.

        In the meantime, to try and fix things, you could try selecting various resolutions in the res menu to see if those work. Selecting one res, entering, then trying the res you actually want might fix things. Even if you get it working, please post again!
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          I had this problem, the way to cheat it on a laptop was to make your windows/computers resolution smaller than The resolution you plan on playing Ss on.

          Example: if you wanna play SS on 1440x900. Youd have to go into your computers settings and change your resolution lower then Your desired SS resolution. Your windows/computers resolution would have to be 1280x1024 or anthing lower than 1440x900.

          Most stock laptops these day come standard with 1600x900 resolution. So in order for your screen not to get stretched/off centered, you would have to play SS on a 1920x1080 resolution or anthing larger then
          1600x900. "Without messing with your computers settings"

          This is another problem I learned to cheat only from years of experience (something a new player wouldn't ever figure out, and/or probably wouldnt be willing to change their computers settings just to play a 90s space game) not sure how you could fix it so you dont have to change your windows/computer resolution qan, but hopefully it helps and I doubt it has anything to do with the steam download. Because this was a problem before steam xD
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            yeah i cant play anymore either, my stupid touchscreen laptop thing has some ungodly resolution like 3200x1800 and spaceships dont work on it and when i take the thing out of native resolution it goes all whackado unless im in windowed mode and i hate windowed mode due to the hiv.

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              I have run into this exact problem as well before
              It has zero to do with TW and every thing to do with your keyboard as well as your video card. You think in the 90's on a 2d game they were thinking about 4k res?

              What is your video card and what are your settings I know Nvidia (geforce settings ad for your keyboard if you have a gaming keyboard I might be able to help you with that as well
              If you updated your video card recently or your keyboard had a update it can reset settings

              A quick solution is to roll back your settings on your video card and keyboard

              I see your playing with gigantor screen so you can see other ships across the map but what ever it isnt illegal I used to do it my self but I wanted to read the msg's people write

              zeabu this game was never meant for touch screens your on your own for trying to figure that out if you give me some info i might be able to help like with plug in keyboard on most tablets

              normally its just a problem between windows and the video card pm me and ill give you the correct settings for TW to match the screen res correctly
              bottom line its your screen not TW

              As for the rest its your keyboard get a new one

              hell just go back in posts of mine I talk about this exact topic and the solution but if you dont want to do the leg work i'm happy to help


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                steam relaunch


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                  the keyboard is attached. its a lenovo yoga fuck yoga

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                    The problem's definitely with Continuum, but it's the new Steam keyboard profile installer (which also writes registry values) that created this problem for him, because it overwrites registry values currently, even if the game has already been installed before. (Will change so it doesn't do this in the future).

                    Right now the installer sets the Continuum res to the current desktop res. Before my approach was to not set the res at all, which forces Cont to select a resolution automatically after the player enters a zone, or at least it does if the user doesn't manually select one. If using the current desktop res as default causes problems on certain laptops, maybe it's better to do it that way, rather than getting current desktop res. Just not sure if that'll cause its own problems. If you guys have any more info on the perils of running on laptops in various configs, it all helps.

                    The last option we could try on the installer is to set the default res to something quite low that's supported on most machines. But this means the game will look like absolute garbage on first run for many people who are just trying to get in and check it out real quick, and that might cause them to quit without bothering to try finding out how to switch resolutions.

                    More to the point of the thread, trying to adjust drivers or anything relating to the keyboard isn't going to help.

                    If you find you're still unable to choose a res, press Windows+R, type regedit, then go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Continuum\State and delete the ResolutionX and ResolutionY keys. Or just set them to your desired res. You can also use this to force strange resolutions not available on the res menu.
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                      Thanks for all the replies, and my apologies for reading this thread for a while. I've been away exploring the cold dark deeps, and only just got back.

                      My graphics card is an Nvidia GTX 1080, with the main 4k monitor and two side monitors in lower resolutions.

                      Windows 10. Yes, a resolution is selected - currently 1080 because that works, but selecting anything larger and half the screen is off the screen, if that makes sense - my ship is somewhere near the bottom right corner.

                      I tried to attach a screenshot of the res settings, but these forums don't allow that it seems.

                      Everything worked fine around Christmas time, but had gone sour when I came back in February.

                      It seems odd to me that it could be a keyboard mapping issue - it feels more like a server settings problem. Otherwise maybe a windows 10 stretching problem - not sure whether I should adjust the scaling settings?

                      However, if it is a keyboard problem, does anyone have any suggestions?

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                        yes lemmin that is exactly what happens to mine as well.

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                          Waiting for 4k, I want to see literally everything at once


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                            Originally posted by Stompa View Post
                            Waiting for 4k, I want to see literally everything at once
                            except your own ship because its tiny so f tha tanyways

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                              Ask and you shall receive qan said it was the game but I know work a around. You do have to turn off the other screens. (pm if you want instructions)
                              How ever ask your self do you really want this?
                              As Zeebu said you will not be able to read text and it is hard to learn to shoot (read actions) from far away.
                              Also it is almost impossible to play with it in base. Which makes you a pure pub player in spawn. If you like to duel it also makes it very hard if the person knows how to properly get close to you.