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staff abuse of powers

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  • staff abuse of powers

    the banc staff applied should ahve been 6 minutes but still an hour has gone by and im still under the banc.

    TW-Guard0> You've been silenced for 6 (-48 remaining) minutes because of abuse and/or violation of Trench Wars rules.

    In addition this same staffer, 4 20, has made this mistake against a player in the past that i witnessed when i last staffed

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    Also the captcha is broken in the support link issued in game when a player and under a banc , making the site tool useless


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      I'm not sure if I'm even allowed to respond to these things or not but for clarity's sake....

      The only error here is that the bot told you it was a 6 minute silence. I can bring it to somebody's attention to see if that part of the code needs adjusting but the banC itself was for 1 hour, so not a glitch. Also, the staffer you are accusing of abuse isn't even the person that applied the banC so safe to say that 4 20 didn't abuse his powers on you.

      Ive never been silenced so I have no idea what this captcha thing is you mentioned but I promise I'll find out what it is and get it fixed if I can.
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        Originally posted by LF View Post

        The only error here
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          Thanks for reporting the issue with the ticket system. I've set a reminder to check that out when I get home.

          You can always use if you would like to issue a complaint about a member of staff.
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