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Silenced again without breaking rules. Staff will not control themselves!

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  • Silenced again without breaking rules. Staff will not control themselves!

    I was playing flag terring and sharking for hours yesterday, and last night was chatting with an old friend when I logged off pretty late. I just logged on and I am silenced, again. I didn't break any rules except blaming staff for breaking the game by banning players probably

    Fi> where are my freedom letters going?
    Shock Halo> howdy, OMG I want to retire but I'm too broke and not good enough lookin to be a hooker!

    BigE> what do you do for a living skycake?
    BigE> that makes you think you are capable of talking down to others? custodian? burger flipper?

    Amnesti> tiger told me u called him lyme disease retard

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    Apparently staff reviews every moderation action? or is it just bans? Probably tucker again, when is someone going to talk to the mods and tell them;

    1. that they can't do anything they want,
    2. that TW is not their clubhouse and they have a responsibility to everyone even people they dislike & trolls,
    3. that they can't troll as staff,
    4. and to moderate racism and sexism and not play favorites when they do?

    ie: if your best online friend is being racist to a troll who is being racist to him back and they are arguing, if a mod can't get them to stop they both get silenced. you don't moderate the troll and overlooks your buddies involvement with some shit ass justification from grade 1 "he started it!!!!" (which is a lie anyway).

    simple guidelines, if it's too hard to not be butthurt, to use language before powers, and to treat people as humans even if you personally think they are animals, then you shouldn't be a moderator. make a time machine and go volunteer at a nazi concentration camp or something.
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      Be gone faggot
      Rabble Rabble Rabble



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        Originally posted by kthx View Post
        Be gone faggot
        Maybe you and Sir Battycrease can come and try to kill me.


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