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    Elim Betting -- Guideline

    This is an idea that's being talked about and seems to have interested in so we have decided to take action and see if we can make it work. The idea was brought up and brainstormed and here's a quick guideline to what it's going to look like. It will be very similar to pub duel betting where you can bet on any player that you think will win. We are looking to incorporate 2 waves/rounds of betting for every game of elim. These separate waves will both be explained but for now we are starting with on R1. R2 will be added if R1 is successful. Any ideas/concerns/questions is appreciated. This is for the enjoyment for everyone, so lets not abuse it.

    Round 1 betting...

    -Similar to pub duel betting, you will bet via :robo ref:!beton name:amount.

    -You can not cancel a bet, once you place it; it's final.

    -You may place your bets up until there are 5 players remaining (This is the case of 6+ people in game)

    -If there are only 5 players or less in the match and someone gets eliminated, ALL BETS ARE VOID (must have 6 or more players). Bot will pay back the bets. This is to avoid cheating/double clienting/pubbux abuse.

    -Bets place will be announced in YELLOW chat from 50k to 100K (max bet), and from 10k (minimum bet) to 100K (max bet) in chat=bettinglounge. Anyone can check up how much is being bet via :robo ref:!openbets or !ob

    -If the person you bet on wins, the pot is yours minus 10% given to the winner. If there are multiple winners, the pot is split with amongst the bet winners and the elim winner still receives 10% of the pot. The pot will be split amongst the winners based on their bets. You can only win or lose as much as u bet and the pot will be split amongst the winners.

    Pot Splitting

    The pot will be split amongst the winner based how much they bet.

    10 people bet from 20k to 100k...end up with 3 have a pot from 10 take the highest bet of the 3. That bet is compared to the other 7 players who lost

    Winning Bets
    Winner 1 - 10k
    Winner 2 - 40k
    Winner 3 - 90k (highest bet)

    Losing Bets
    Loser 1 - 40k (all to pot)
    Loser 2 - 50k (all to pot)
    Loser 3 - 55k (all to pot)
    Loser 4 - 70k (all to pot)
    Loser 5 - 75k (all to pot)
    Loser 6 - 90k (all to pot)
    Loser 7 - 100k (90k to pot, 10k refunded)

    Pot - 470K
    10% - Elim Winner - 47K
    64.3% of remainder - Winner 3 (90k bet) - 271,989K
    28.6% of remainder - Winner 2 (40k bet) - 120,978K
    07.1% of remainder - Winner 1 (10k bet) - 30,033K

    Round 2 betting (will be implemented after the success of R1 betting)

    -After the R1 bets lock when 5 players are left, R2 betting will open when there's on 3/5 players remaining. There will be pot odds depending on how many deaths the player has remaining. ex. Tiny (14-7) would be 1:1 RaCka (15-8) would be 2:1 Turban (16-9) would be 3:1. Percentages will be locked in after 3 players remaining, despite more deaths.

    R2 is a work in progress but will work like R1 betting for pot splitting + odds depending on deaths remaining.

    *NOTE: You will only be allowed to bet ONCE per betting round and can bet in both rounds on different people to double or make up your winnings or losings.

    **You can bet on yourself

    ***Rules of elim will still apply, so no teaming, fixing etc. Anyone caught trying to abuse the betting system will be banned from betting and money taken. Ask Pee Pee Sock how abusing the bot betting goes....

    PLEASE JOIN Chat=bettinglounge

    Biet is currently working on coding and will have a beta out in a few days. Please thank him when you see him. Wirah and heaven have also been very helpful for this idea. Thank wirah when you see him, but not heaven. He is only feeding his gambling addiction.

    More to come...
    1:waven> u challenge
    1:waven> if i challenge it looks too scary

    Originally posted by MHz
    Hope you contract ebola from your, no doubt cheap, Easter Egg, you fucking shit-jav, pug-faced cunt.

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    So if someone bets, and nobody else bets against, it's a guaranteed loss of either 10% or 100%?
    This is why people don't bet on pub duels.


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      Common sense says that if there is no winner to go against the loser, the money goes back....
      1:waven> u challenge
      1:waven> if i challenge it looks too scary

      Originally posted by MHz
      Hope you contract ebola from your, no doubt cheap, Easter Egg, you fucking shit-jav, pug-faced cunt.


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        Quick update. Code is ready for testing and I've made some small changes.
        • Bets announced in spec chat are limited to 1 every 30 seconds.
        • Commands are !bet <playername>:<amount> and !showbets
        • TWD registration is required to bet.
        During testing the won't take your pubbux, so please give it a try and let us know what you think.

        Things to focus on during testing
        • General functionality (bugs)
        • Limits placed on:
          • Bet amount (currently: $10.000 - $100.000)
          • Players remaining (currently: 6 players)
          • Bet announcement threshold (currently: $50.000)
          • Announcement delay (currently: 30 seconds)
        • Pot splitting
        • Too little/too much information/spam
        Things to (possibly) do/add after testing
        • Add a second double or nothing round when the game comes to a close (3 players remaining).
        • Periodic arena messages with overview
        • Add bet results in elim zone messages
        • More contextual error messages
        Feedback is appreciated!


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          A) A re-bet/raise of original bet sounds like a good idea to have when 3-4 players are remaining.
          B) Don't really need periodic messages? seems maybe it would add to your spam concern which you asked people to test for. Also players can see what's going on with the game, they don't need to read it.
          C) The result of the bet seems like a good idea to be announced.

          Nice work on all the coding for this to you and anyone else who worked on the project (assuming you coded it). It always feels good to add new features and get a project done. =)


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            Bug: The number of bets was 2, I placed a bet, so the number of bets should change to 3.

                Robo Ref> [BET] $100,000 bet placed on turban. 2 bets placed on 1 player in total.
                     Rab> !beton cuckold:100000
                Robo Ref> Bet of $100,000 succesfully placed on Cuckold. <BETA TESTING>
                     Rab> !showbets
                Robo Ref> 1. Cuckold ($100,000)
                Robo Ref> 2. turban ($110,000)
                Robo Ref> Number of bets: 2  Unique picks: 2  Total money bet: 210000


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              Bug: Refund was given due to no counter bets, but there were counter bets.
              Text from same game as above post, which clearly shows counter bets were made.
              Whether people bet on the winner or not is irrelevant.

                  Robo Ref> [REFUND] No one bet on skyforger. Bets refunded.
                  Robo Ref> [REFUND] Your $100,000 bet on Cuckold has been refunded. No counter bets.
              GAME OVER. Winner: skyforger!    (20:6)


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                I think its suppose to go back if no one bets on the winner, unless the house is going to start raking? I dont think that is a bug.
                1:waven> u challenge
                1:waven> if i challenge it looks too scary

                Originally posted by MHz
                Hope you contract ebola from your, no doubt cheap, Easter Egg, you fucking shit-jav, pug-faced cunt.


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                  Great bug hunting! Both issues should be fixed. Bets will be refunded when no one bet on the winner, and the message will reflect that.


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                    Betting is out of beta. You will now be able to play with pubbux. Bet wisely and good luck!


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                      Can we have !money and !money <name> added to RoboRef so we don't have to go to pub to check?

                          Violence> how much $ do i haf
                          Violence> in my binkrill
                            Heaven> .?go 0 and :twpub:!money violence
                          Violence> cud u check 4 me


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                        Originally posted by Tiny View Post
                        PLEASE JOIN Chat=bettinglounge
                        I had totally missed this piece of information. Maybe add it to one of the yellow messages, e.g. "join chat=bettinglounge to see all bet notifications".


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                          Last edited by Rab; 03-17-2019, 01:55 PM.


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                            This is what message is displayed when you win.

                            FLEW is out. 16 kills 10 deaths. FINAL ELIMINATION
                                Robo Ref> [BET WON] You've won $200,700 with your bet on Attacks.
                            [BET WON] Rab has won $200,700 by betting on Attacks. 4 bets placed in total.
                            GAME OVER. Winner: Attacks!    (16:9)


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                              Bug: betting is disabled when a lagout causes the player count to drop below 6.
                              Note: betting doesn't get enabled if !late causes the player count to go above 6.

                              GO GO GO!!!
                                  Robo Ref> WBs to 10. PM !late to enter.
                              1:Robo Ref> [FIRST BETTING ROUND] Place your bets now. Currently 6 players playing. [Real pubbux this time!]
                              GUSHING lagged out! (+1 death)
                              1:Robo Ref> [BETTING DISABLED] Betting round finished. No bets placed.