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Ridiculous abuse of !buy

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  • Ridiculous abuse of !buy

    Was just in pub and a guy bought about 20 rockets in a row. Can we get some sensible limits?
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    you cannot !buy when you are leader of the kill-o-thon brah


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      Get some more pub bux bro. Do you even RPS?
      1:waven> u challenge
      1:waven> if i challenge it looks too scary

      Originally posted by MHz
      Hope you contract ebola from your, no doubt cheap, Easter Egg, you fucking shit-jav, pug-faced cunt.


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        We put limits on this a bit back and there was a lot of backlash. Some people love their rocketjav. The compromise was to significantly increase the price from what it was. Now it just costs a bit. PubBux is a tool that roughly corresponds with your investment of time (and sometimes real $) in the game, and therefore, your ability to affect the outcome of it/change the rules. It has its downsides, to be sure.
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