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    Originally posted by rothe View Post
    Rab you often talk about banning people or silencing people but I don't think those are solutions for this problem and when you of all people are asking for power bothers me. I play PUB a lot more than you and see the dynamic in work. I see people run to elim or other arena's and complain or simply talk about how they just don't like pub because of small things like players sitting on the wings on priv freq's and ruining games or a LT on the top that is very good and bombs the hell out of a good match and no one buy's a counter. Not a weasel coming in and trying to get the flag.

    On a healthy pub match that just happens and the terr takes back the flag and kills the weasel. I remember the big weasel I know the small one. It doesn't matter which we use tbh. It's a super under used ship and few people use it. Let them have their fun if your ok with the LT's and Jav's sitting in the corners and top bombing the base destroying the game. They do much more harm than weasel's

    If we are going to talk about holding the flag the timer is short enough already or should I say long enough. When a good game gets going its great in pub. We all know how to use the ships and break through if we use them. I don't know why your so out for freespirit when I see more people leave because of bombers than long rounds.
    Maybe that's becase Rab is a fuckin idiot? Why people put any faith in any of these idiots is beyond me lol.

    And while typing this I came across Bosshawk's official titles and lol'd
    Bosshawk Assistant Head of Staff Training
    L O L
    Originally posted by trancE tunes
    this game got completely killed by now known pedophile, LF, and his pedophile friends. good job you fuckin racist redneck pieces of shit.


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        i was going to stay out of this but i play enough pub to chime in...

        1: as much as i hate the shortened port as terr.. .it did make FS alter the way he plays slighly.. often having to port back in in the middle of a round... which means.. u need to be paying attention to when he has escaped and make sure you are there to kill him so he cant escape again...Wasnt a perfect solution but it makes him work harder to do what he likes to do. People have become inherently lazy and want to jump on a uneven stacked freq and wait for the bux to roll in without having to do any work.....And anyone on FS freq should already expect they need a 2nd terr if they want to keep the freq competitive... or spend some of those pub bux and buy a baseterr.... theres so many options out there that werent out there years ago...

        2: To do what he likes to do... funny statement.. and the one thing TW has been about for 20 years.... while many zones had one style of game to play.. the one thing TW had was you could do whatever you wanted to do in pub. You used to be able to lev.. .or weasel.. or lanc... . you could tube mine.. you could spawn hunt.. you could LT hunt (remember before everyone got lazy and just wants to buy the ability to prevent LT's it used to be a solid culture of actually hunting them)... we used to have spawn Lanc-Turrets.... Point is.. you could do whatever made the game fun for you.... sure there was more pop and more pub arenas... but not everyone wants a singular one styled game all the time.

        Now we have javs sitting in ears on priv freqs floating bombs into the flagroom... but no one complains about that.. hows that any worse the an LT... its a lot harder to LT these days i think.. not as many shots... you have roof turrets... but a good one can make it interesting... and most of the time theres way too many sharks.... but ship selection always goes in ripples...some days tons of cloakers.. some days tons of sharks.. some days tons of terrs.... the point is to destress.. have fun.. play what you want within the rules and gameplay thats there...

        At the end of the day.. no ones going to be happy with every shipchange or game style change..
        But that being said... anyone still has the right to play the game the way the ships are setup the way they want...

        If u want exclusive duelling.. u shouldnt be making all go to spawn... go to elim... go to wbduel go to javduel .. challenge someone for duels in pub.. whatever floats your boat
        If you want exclusive basing... ?go base... ?go twbd... start a basing squad... theres lots of players out there loving oldschool league style basing.. its going on every day and night lately... but just because pub doesnt fall into someones "style of play" doesnt mean its bad or wrong.. we cater to a broad spectrum of people and powers for a long time have tried to improve and adjust for 20 years... people take that for granted sometimes i think.

        3. As for banning people from a ship... just because they dont play the way you want them to play? that is absolutely ludicrous....i mean take a step back and really think about what your saying.....
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          2. Yes but weasel didn't used to be tiny. I have no problem with big weasel.
          jav on roof with ball is just as bad as LT, hence why I made a thread about ball.
          I used to like hunting LT. I think LT on priv freq shouldn't be stopped with buy. But levs on pub freq is like having a player afk.

          3. You think about it. If every team with free has to have a 2nd terr it results in the team being divided. So they never have the numbers to win vs the other team. It's like the handicap of having a third of your team afk.


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            but just because pub doesnt fall into someones "style of play" doesnt mean its bad or wrong..
            i think we agree on this point here
            • tw is a basing zone, always has been (yall weaken that by weakening the backbone ship for basing)
            • uniformity in ships between arenas helps transitioning
            • yall should be fostering different styles of play (even if extends time per round) not limitting them
            i don't want to restrict freespirit (apt name in this case), nor do i want his behavior to restrict my ship. i dont think porting on flag to extend a round was ever overpowered to begin with.


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              bump, qan still gonna revert this or change your mind


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                We had a decent run with the shortened timer. It seems more players would prefer consistency across the zone. Reverting to 240 seconds.

                If it's a specific player's behavior that seems to be an issue to everyone but the player, let's look at how the effect of that behavior can be minimized without affecting others in the zone (and without banning him from his ship, which would essentially be a permanent zone ban, as he plays nothing else).
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                  There's 2 issues you'll have to solve if you do that.
                  1. Stop him laying a port at round start, and buggering off to narnia, then porting in at 1s remaining.
                  2. Stop his team getting split, as the proper terr on the team only gets part of the team attaching to him, so they get outnumbered.


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                    why cant we just ban freespirit????
                    He intentionally dies and only ever plays one ship.
                    Why cant you just ship lock him
                    You have banned me for less!
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                    warbit> FreeSpirit is truly my spirit animal.

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                      Because people are not banned for being bad at Subspace, only in it.
                      "You're a gentleman," they used to say to him. "You shouldn't have gone murdering people with a hatchet; that's no occupation for a gentleman."
                      -Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment