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  • Remove or Limit Midspawn

    Can we remove or limit (<4 players) midspawn in pub? I'm assuming it was added sometime in the past couple years to increase action in pub, but did anyone think about how much it limits the playstyles we had before? Playstyles that would help people transition into leagues and become more integrated into the community. For example, wbs dueling in spawn area outside of base or teams cramming/attacking through fr main entrance. And it doesnt just impact standard play, even vulching is limited to mid-ears now since anywhere else someone can spawn on top of you or !deploy/roofturret.

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    Wbs duelling in spawn aren't contributing to the flag game which puts their team at a disadvantage. Those players should get on priv freqs if they want to duel.


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      You can currently turn off warping to mid, though it's not all that clear how to do so. !warp fr will warp you only to the FR at round start, but not mid.

      The issue is that base games tend to die, and have done so for years, when the midspawn switches over at too low a number, or with nobody terring.

      Now the switch operates on a set of rules rather than a hard number. It also has two tiers: one for very small pops, and one for smallish pops. Eventually once the number of players hits 16, regardless of special conditions such as if both have a terrier, it switches to normal spawn.

      I've thought about reworking the base a bit to reflect the changing times (and also just to freshen it up again). In particular, widening out mid a good bit to account for the fact that much of the time, pub is now played in that section. Without drastically changing the base (for example, completely eliminating lower base as a concept, or eliminating all but the tube), it's very difficult to make base readily accessible while still allowing open-air spawns. But it'd be worth trying out some designs, if anyone's interested.

      Click image for larger version

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      Here's a version of pub with no lower base. Very rough mockup. Might be interesting to try.
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        That's worth a try.
        I've always said the bottom half of the map should be cut off (it's just open space with asteroids and contributes nothing to the flag game).


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          you know the first screaming will be about LT's having crazy kills shots from anywhere lol....

          i love the base and especially the enormous base (which i still maintain TWBD should try out as the main base)
          it allows maneuvering room... more room to avoid things like bursts and shots and the pinch points not as tight within the base...
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            Yeah, not concerned with where I spawn so much as everyone spawning me when trying to base. Just dropping people into base does not make them basers >.>


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              Do like the idea of smaller base as long as ppl not spawing in it :+1: