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  • ‼Weekend Events Thread‼

    This thread will be all about the weekend events hosted weekly. This thread will be updated as we move on with events that will be hosted on the weekend.

    If you have any suggestions of any events that you wanted hosted, feel free to PM me in-game!


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    how was your weekend


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      Saturday, August 17, 2019

      Start Time: 10 PM EST

      Events: ?go freezejavs/?go pictionary/?go twisted/?go tourny

      Event #1: ?go freezejavs
      There will be two teams, a team of warbirds versus a team of javs. If you are shot (tagged) by an enemy you will become frozen, which will render you unable to move or fire. To become unfrozen a teammate must shoot (tag) you.

      Event #2: ?go pictionary
      Racism and pornography are strictly forbidden. The bot will designate an artist. Players attempt to guess what the artist is drawing before the time ends to gain points. If you guess correctly then it is your turn to draw. The first player to reach the round's needed points wins.
      Winner Reward: 25k Pubbux Rewarded

      Event #3: ?go twisted
      Pref (Jav) ship will go to 5-10 deaths, last person alive will win the game!
      Winner Reward: 50k Pubbux Rewarded (depending on crowd)

      Event #4: ?go tourny
      Simple Tournament in any ship!
      1st Place Winner Reward: 50k pubbux
      2nd Place Winner Reward: 25k pubbux

      __________________________________________________ _________

      Thank you all for taking your time and enjoying this thread/comment. I will see you all Saturday, quick reminder that pubbux will be determined on the crowd!
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        Saturday, August 24, 2019

        Start Time: 5 PM EST

        Events: ?go doublejavs/?go victim/?go tanks/?go pacman

        Event #1: ?go doublejavs
        Fight with or against your friends in a frenzied base full of javs. Teams include captains, multi, random.

        Event #2: ?go victim
        A random selected player will hold a bomb, this player has to get an established amount of kills before the timer runs out. If the timer runs out, and the player doesnt have enough kills... He is out. This will repeat until there is one player left.

        Event #3: ?go tanks
        Teams try to battle each other in tanks. Last team left after a specified amount of deaths or most points after a time limit win.

        Event #4: ?go pacman
        There four starting ghosts. Rests are pacman's. The ghost are hunting you. Be the last surviving pacman and win.

        __________________________________________________ _________

        Thank you all for taking your time and enjoying this thread/comment. I will see you all Saturday, quick reminder that pubbux will be determined on the crowd!


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          Saturday, August 31, 2019

          Start Time:
          6PM EST

          EVENTS: ?go balance/?go goldengun/?go mortars/?go bug

          Event #1: ?go balance
          Race with seven different courses, each getting more difficult. Avoid the wormholes that will suck you in slowing you down. First player to the other side of a course wins.

          Event #2: ?go goldengun
          Super Warbird Deathmatch style games. However 4 team deathmatch can be played also in this famous map

          Event #3: ?go mortars
          Each team has his own colour. Eliminate all the teams and be the last surviving.

          Event#4: ?go bug
          Humans (ship 6) have 20 minutes to stay safe, If humans die they become a zombie (ship 2). When times up humans win


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              Saturday, September 7, 2019

              Start Time:
              6PM EST

              EVENTS: ?go superbeast/?go prodem/?go hunt/?go ufc

              Event #1: ?go superbeast
              There will be one or two superbeasts. Try to run from them and be the last surviving.

              Event #2: ?go prodem
              All will start of as a shark. You need to kill someone equal or higher then you to get promoted. If you are killed by someone lower then you, you will be demoted. First one who kills a warbird in a warbird wins the game.

              Event #3: ?go hunt
              In hunt a bot will assign you a prey. You need to locate this prey and kill him, but before your hunter kills you! You will receive a reward for killing your prey and hunter. Person who last survives wins.

              Event#4: ?go ufc
              Teams are chosen by a captain and take turns in fighting the other team one vs one dueling. The last team left wins.


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                  Saturday, September 14, 2019

                  Start Time:
                  6PM EST

                  EVENTS: ?go freezejavs/?go guess/?go minidm/?go bomberman

                  Event #1: ?go freezejavs
                  Simple TDM warbirds vs javs, last team standing wins. After being killed, you will be frozen until the person in the same ship as you comes and shoots you to become unfrozen.

                  Event #2: ?go guess
                  One levi, the goal of the levi to be a guesser, and shoot into the right tube (1-4), everyone locked in that tube will get spec'd. Last person alive wins!

                  Event #3: ?go minidm
                  Consisting of teams choose random or by captians and usually consisting of two teams of warbirds. Sometimes consist of multiple teams. A specified amount of deaths is determined (typically ten) until you are out. Last team surviving wins.

                  Event#4: ?go bomberman
                  Everyone is in a shark on their own, or in teams, and must lay mines, or shoot bombs, to kill each other. After a specified amount of deaths you are then speced. Last person left wins.


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                      No more updates?
                      Suggestion: the most recent ones up top, if possible. Top to bottom.

                      Edit: maybe edit the OP weekly with the upcoming events for the weekend?

                      Originally posted by Leland View Post
                      how was your weekend
                      GOOD, U?!


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                        Clue is staff?
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                          ?go twbf this saturday!
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                            Lol snoop, nice promotional material you're making!
                            Vehicle> ?help Will the division's be decided as well today?
                            Message has been sent to online moderators
                            2:BLeeN> veh yes
                            2:Vehicle> (Overstrand)>no
                            2:BLeeN> ok then no
                            :Overstrand:2:Bleen> veh yes
                            (Overstrand)>oh...then yes


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                              come out for TWBF on Saturday and don't forget about Attack on Sunday after TWLB!
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