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Elim: Jav bombs on radar

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  • Elim: Jav bombs on radar

    It's been active a while. Any thoughts? Distracting, useful, changes strategy too much?

    If you think it's a positive change, do you think it should be expanded to any other arenas?
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    keep thinking there's a levi, which is distracting


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      easier to avoid strays. i like it.


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        Love it. Introduce it to TWDT-J.
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          Bomb trails on radar is good. More skill involved to avoiding strays. As an aside but I've been asking for a while now, bring energy viewing into elim for spectators please. If enough people enjoy it, bring it into twjd and league matches. Its already been discussed that it would bring more enjoyment to spectators, and cannot be abused because the recharge is too quick.
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