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My personal record in TWDD.

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  • My personal record in TWDD.

    Got 33 kills once in a 1v4. Don't have a SS. Was against some horrible squad who lagged out 7 times. (33-9 I think(
    TWDT-D Champ x2
    TWDT-B Champ

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    Pick a name already
    Peyton Manning

    Originally posted by Vatican Assassin
    all stats should be removed except for the stat of how many times mattey can go fuck himself which I would expect should be rather high
    JAMAL> didn't think there was a worse shark than midoent but the_paul takes it


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      Congatulations, Cross
      Less QQ More pew pew


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        I've won 4 squads 1v4 40-6 40-7 40-8 and 40-9
        Best warbird to ever enter trenchwars


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          congrats 2 all players involved in this.

          good work
          1:Cape> is infrared the thing that microwave does?
          Cape> i thought it was like u inferred
          1:Cape> yo when u look up at the night sky and see billions of night stars
          1:Cape> im like fuk it let this shit end

          Tsunami> LOl
          beam> stfu tsunami
          Tsunami> yo this girl is dead up snoring
          beam> ur blacker than tarcoal
          Tsunami> should end her life while she sleeps


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            I've gotten 30+ a few times (double squadding as the name lazure particularly), but have updated laptops since then and lost all my screenshots. This isn't my best, but I felt like its relevant since it happened the other day and it was vs your squad :P

            TWLB Champions Season 8
            TWLJ Champions Season 8
            TWLB Champions Season 10
            TWLB Champions Season 11


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              this is poor
              i've won many dders just vsing again win or cry and got 60-1



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                Originally posted by chars View Post
                this is poor
                i've won many dders just vsing again win or cry and got 60-1

                You should probably learn better english before you attempt viops retarded twist of the language


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                  Originally posted by vys View Post
                  i've won 4 squads 1v4 40-6 40-7 40-8 and 40-9
                  i done seen it with my own two eyes.
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                    I doubt I have the screenshot anymore but my personal best in a DD was a 25-9 on NC17 against some random squad. Fun stuff.
                    GOD DAMMIT NAPPA