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wav messages continuum is it possible?

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  • wav messages continuum is it possible?

    im playing around with wave messages i know you have to be below 32 kb i have a donky kong sound thats around 24 kb

    iv renamed it kong.wa2 and placed it in the sound folder

    tryed typing %kong

    is this even possible to send non stock sounds to all the players?

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    unfortuanately the original sound were coded into the game.. u can play the from the macros... but only u will hear them unless others have also downloaded them too and they would have to be named the same i do believe
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      You can send very short WAV messages to individual players, but not all players. It's a little-known and little-used feature. You need to set it up manually as one of the voice macro keys. It will let you select a file. The file must be 2KB, and I think it has other requirements. 8khz or 11khz, 8bit, mono should do the trick.

      Check out this site and click the Help link on the left for details about how to do it. It also has about 200 sounds ready to go that you can use. Note that players must have the option enabled to receive these messages.
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