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  • lolnope is to expencive

    lately we seem to have a few players abusing pure pub and buying it over and over just for a laugh

    while pure pub is relatively cheep lolnope is not
    it's also interesting lolnope shows who cancelled it but pure pub won't show who bought it

    all im asking for is more fairness between them have the player buying pure pub visible
    and ether raise the cost of pure pub or at least lower the cost of lolnope

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    Made !lolnope anonymous recently, as it's not exactly fair to have one be anonymous and the other not. But the cost unfortunately needs to remain fairly high. It seems we've reached a pretty good pain point, where people aren't going to cancel the purepub buy every time. It's meant for a very occasional thing, when a player just doesn't want to deal with purepub.

    If people are spam-buying purepub, might be worth looking at increasing the delay slightly. Though it's meant to be able to be spam-bought, at least somewhat. Keep in mind it used to be 30 minutes long, which basically meant that it killed the possibility of leving entirely -- may has well just log off if that's what you wanted to play. And there was no !lolnope.
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      This is pretty much moot now as Levi's are all most dead or unused a lot but I think !lolnope should go down a few buxs it's like this a player can buy pure pub for 35k pubbux but to !lolnope it cost 300k pubbux what about the Levi players? Also Levi's aren't used almost any more because players can purepub them at a low cost but the levis can't do anything because is cost so much to cancel it and it can be spamed I think there needs to be a longer wait time like 3 to 5 mins before it can be used again that's not take in to cont that the levis need to be faster any way almost every thing kills them because they can't get out of the way fast enough please look into this staff