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*****Mid Week Wednesday Events Thread*****

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  • *****Mid Week Wednesday Events Thread*****

    This will be a thread strictly for Wednesdays Mid Week Events... rather then me starting a new thread each week!

    If people have genuine interest in suggesting events please feel free to message me in game im always up for hearing suggestions... they may not happen the next week but ill always accomodate when i can!
    (PS: no i cant run Bug all night every night but thanks for the suggestion... i will do my best to insert Bug intermittently though! lol)
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    Wed July 18, 2018

    Start Time:
    5pm EST

    ?go racerfest/thorlob/dominate/freezejavs

    Event #1:
    ?go racerfest

    A very tricky and long Rally Racecourse.
    I recommend if u get a chance to go download it first would be a good plan might be a small download...
    We will do a short practice race of 1 or 2 laps... then the main race will be a 3 or 4 lap race.
    50k pub bux prize to 1st
    25k pub bux prize to 2nd

    Event #2:
    ?go thorlob

    So you like chucking thors in pub? How would u like unlimited thors?
    2 sides that are separated by walls.... Deathmatch style event with the last team standing wins!
    Shared prize for winning team and 25k for MVP

    Event #3: ?go dominate

    This is a conquer game...depending on numbers will decide how its run.. it can be all starting alone... or team event. When you kill someone they join your frequency and fight on your team... The winner is the team that conquers all other frequencies!

    25K pub bux for starting freq owner winner and 25k pub bux for MVP!

    Event #4: ?go freezejavs

    When you are shot you are frozen in spot until one of your team rescues you... Object is to capture all the opposing teams players so that only one team is left unfrozen and standing!
    Shared prize for team... 25k for MVP!

    Looking forward to seeing you all!

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    Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are sexy.


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      Sorry for the Late Post I was out of town working and got back late!

      Today they will start at 5:30pm EST!

      First Event will be WeaselWars and going to expand from there!


      So we had sneaky lil game of Weaselwars!
      Some Helicopter... crazy action race!
      Moved on to Snipe in a 2 team deathmatch and then a prodem version as well! lots of carnage!
      Finished up with a team deathmatch in ?go pb of Paintball!

      Thanks for everyone that showed up was a lot of fun!

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      Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are sexy.


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        Wednesday August 7th, 2018

        When: 5pm EST !

        Events #1: ?go cubehunt

        An interesting little arena for a good couple games of Hunt!

        Event #2: ?go 2xTourny

        Yes its time!
        Time to strut your stuff in a multi round WB tournament!

        Prizes for top 3!

        Depending on how long the tourney goes we might do some more events after!

        Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are sexy.


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          Well we got started late with the billing server hiccup... but still managed to get the Mid Week Events done!

          1st Event we had 2 rounds of Hunt in ?go cubehunt
          1st round Winner: shaun
          2nd round winner: skyforger

          Had a nice crowd in anticpation of the Tourny upcoming and it was a good game!

          2nd Event: WB Tourny in ?go 2xTourny

          The talk was hot and the action hotter!
          23 players started and it came down to 3....

          100k pub bux: 1st: Ro
          50k pub bux: 2nd: Tripin
          25k pub bux: 3rd: ForgottenGhost
          Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are sexy.


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            Next Wednesday (yes im posting early!) Wed August 15th 6pm EST start!
            (note the start time change)

            Due to the good turnout for the WB tournament..
            i thought id follow up next week with javs!


            Event #1: ?go javstation

            (might want to download first if u havent before...not a big download but faster when everyones not trying to do it at once!)

            A good warmup for a jav tourney methinks.... team jav battle on a nice centralized map!

            Event #2: ?go javtourny2

            Ready to strut your jav? Calling all javs to battle...
            This will be a solo tournament!
            Im setup to handle up to 128 javs... so bring it!

            The bigger the participants.. the bigger im boosting the top 3 prizes!
            And the winner gets to pick the next event they want hosted after!

            *****NOTE: There will be no late entries!
            Exception: If its during the first round and there is 2 to put in
            or to even up the player total because someones on a bye

            Regardless .. total capped at 128!

            PRIZE UPDATE!
            We have had an anonymous donor for this tournament!
            We now have a GUARANTEED 1st prize of 1 million pub bux!
            2nd prize: 500k
            3rd prize 250k
            And the winner still gets to pick the next event they want hosted after lol!

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            Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are sexy.


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              Loved the wb tourny, looking forward to jav! TY for doing these


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                Wow is all I can say


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                  First Off.. I want to apologize for how the tournament started... was a glitch that i did not have last week running the WB tournament...and later after the tournament figured out the cause.. and shouldnt be a problem next time... frustrating for you the players and believe me even more so for me....

                  so after sliding over to javtourny and using the tourny bot we managed to get the tourney completed...

                  Due to popular vote we ran a 2vs2 tournament so the prizes were split between the 2 players on the teams:

                  **Note to all winners if i have not gotten you your money find me in the zone and ill meet you in pub and send it to you!
                  for me to donate we both have to be in pub!

                  1st place... 1 Million Pub Bux: Fork/Molon
                  2nd place.. 500k Pub Bux: Steadman/Plato
                  3rd place.. 250k Pub Bux: They Tourney bot we couldnt have the a 3rd place match so after talking to all the semifinal losers we split 3rd with both teams
                  Pee Pee Sock/Cherry Poppins and Brokenfist/ForgottenGhost

                  Congrats to all for a great effort!
                  Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are sexy.


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                    There was no bug that prevented 1v1 tourny.. evidence for that is RaCka and I were still playing when we found out half the arena had left. So either you caved to the pressure to host 2v2 or decided to end it for some other reason. I asked why the 1v1 ended.. no response. Then I look here and there is no information about the supposed bug. Maybe you should expand on the exact nature of this bug to clear some of the confusion?


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                      as to why it went to 2vs2.. when we went to the tourny bot i do not have control of what is played.. it is an automated bot and at that point was just trying to get the tourny going with everyone screaming... less a caving more a patience ran out and frustration over things not working the way i had envisioned it...

                      so if u were set on the 1vs1 i apologize for that too...can never make everyone happy in events...

                      the "glitch"i am referring to is why we restarted twice at the start and came from my own ignorance regarding ship changes and is why some were affected at each start and others were not...

                      i like fair play.. and randomness... doesnt matter how we do things we as staff are accused of being either biased or cheating or "fixed" lol....

                      so what im gonna do is actuallly tell you what i did.. so u can maybe understand why it happened..(if u care lol)

                      so the week before when i did the WB tourny... i did the exact same process.. with no issues.. so im thinking the 2 diff maps have different settings.. which is common when it comes to certain things as javtourny2 was setup as an automated spot to begin with way maybe tighter restrictions...

                      my process:
                      first i shipset everyone into a jav
                      to make complete random i like to put everyone on one team on same freq...
                      then set it so it randoms all to freqs with 1 per team
                      to make it really random i do 3 or 4 random shuffles (which is why you all saw yourselves appearing to be warped a few times

                      the problem was.. depending on how many times u changed ship before.. or died just before start without killing anyone it was random at which point u got specced...until the game started and guys were screaming from being in spec...

                      believe me my frustration level was high.... and so did the best we could to salvage the tournament and still have a lil fun...

                      i wanted to run it manually without the tournament bot as we had had alot of fun the week before and the sytem i set up randomed your opponent each round... so it wasnt a fixed bracket each time

                      i now know if i run in there again i can only just shipset once and random once and it would all be fine... the limit when i tested it after was 5 or 6 changes or randoms and we got specced when i tested it with another staff to see what the cause was....

                      so again i apologize for the confusion and mixup.... hopefully it will be a little smoother on the next one
                      Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are sexy.


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                        thanks for hosting even if you were frustrated Boss,

                        the tournys are fun


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                          Yeah I was more confused because I'm not a retard who changes ships on a map like that (entirely safe zone), chain spawns people, etc. and so I was still very much in and into the game. Then we're on a different arena but doing 2v2. So clearly you weren't frustrated enough to not do a jav tourny at all right.. so why all of a sudden 2v2. I feel like someone, or some group, complained and so it switched over to 2v2. There is no explanation for why the event suddenly switched over, either, unless the arena simply doesn't allow 1v1 jav tournys.


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                            Tournybot used to be able to forced into a gametype by smod+ I think. Atleast Pure_Luck used to do it for his pizza tourny's as far as I remember. Also seen some other staffers do it.

                            And about those !random's, why? It doesnt really make sense.. Especially if you do them that much half the arena gets a d/c. Its not your first time hosting, but yet you make a very first time impression all the time. And tbh, I can kinda guess why. You prepare every arena with macro's etc, that you will get annoyed if people are against you and when something doesnt go the way it should be, you are 'confused'. Its like you are trying to make it an automatic host, but you spamming your macro's. There is barely any interaction and experience from 'bigger' games. Yes that matters, because you would know no one would duel to 10 in javelin. In warbird its not that painfull, cuz running away etc isnt as hard as in javelin. TWEL-J duels always go to 10, but take often like 30-40 mins, if not longer by some players..

                            6 changes or dying without firing will get you d/c'd. So if you !setship, !teams 1, !random 4x its there.. And like you said yourself, if someone died just before you started the progress, he will go d/c'd even earlier. !setship is totally understandable, but !teams isnt already.. That doesnt add anything to the progress of making it random. The !random 4x maybe does some.. But with that d/c thing in mind, should you really do that?
                            Major Crisis


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                              I can raise the limit on the number of shipchanges/deaths without firing before DC in any particular arena if it's needed. Sounds like it needs to happen.

                              !force is indeed a (secret) command. Adding it to !help and allowing mod+ access.
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