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    Originally posted by Ricko View Post
    Fixed. Thank me, now.
    I've had enough of this. ENOUGH.

    Smite thee, mods.
    4:Best> pressure was a terr for halloween 4:Best> guy had 4 dudes on him attached

    4:Siaxis> what time is it in zimbobwe para?

    4:Children> every morning i wake up, look in the mirror and thank god i'm not paradise

    4:Best> Mighty's forehead has wifi

    4:Mighty> u guys ever eat a ketchup sandwich?

    4:sphinx> mighty fought a raccoon in an alley for some bbq chips

    4:RaCka> so what if paradise is dressing up as a slim jim for halloween?


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      Your forum sig is fitting again for this time of year
      TWL-J Season 11 Champion
      TWL-J Season 21 Champion
      TWL-B Season 21 Champion
      TWDT-D 2017 Champion
      TWDT-J 2017 Champion


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        Originally posted by Markmrw View Post
        Hi all

        Thankyou Pressure for your post, there has been much discussion over the last couple of days about our staff activity at different times. We are actually trying to recruit people to cover the USA night time periods as we are lacking in people at that time. If anyone is interested in applying for staff you can either message the dean (Beasty) or fill in the staff application form here -

        Qan is still working on the TWD stats and player borrowing updates.
        The website will soon show the games played with borrowed players.
        TWD team rankings will change at 66% of the normal value where borrowed players are used
        Personal player rankings will be at the normal value in borrowed games.

        To give you an idea of time frame the aim is to have all of the updates live in Novemeber

        Much love
        I have already applied to the position of Assistant Quality Assurance. Get on it naow.
        1:Rasaq> i scrub really hard with toilet paper so little pieces of it get stuck to my anus hair and then later on when im watching tv i like to pull them out slowly because it feels pretty good

        1:Mutalisk> heard that n1111ga okyo got some DSLs

        Paradise> No names but there's actually a black man in the arena right now.

        Jones> MAAAAN1111GA UCHIHA

        Paradise> NO NAMES. NOT A SINGLE NAME.....but 3/6 of the players on Force are of a certain descent. I will not go any further.


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          Could accept position as twd op with 0 quota to help with these issues/twd


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            Originally posted by Crescent Seal View Post
            once again...have 30 ppl in javduel and some faggot named "whitelivesmatter" keeps capping and adding nobody...did about 500 help calls and 0 staff online to help
            WHITELIVESMATTER> your pick
            Trench Wars Player

            “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” ― Oscar Wilde


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              ricko doin big things wit dat grammar yo.
              big sean> L!O!L!
              Cres> ?
              Cres> its mine now.
              destruct <> WATER U DEWIN
              paradise> Dewin? Ill take that. using that now
              destruct <> u welcum
              thix> Lol this shit is ban hannah's.
              cripple> ?
              paradise> ?
              Cres> You can keep that one.