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NEEDED: TWDT Captain(s)

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  • NEEDED: TWDT Captain(s)

    The tentative draft date is this Sunday, January 13th. But it might have to be delayed if somebody doesn't step up to cap in the next few days. I was banking on Commodo filling the last spot, but I've recently spoken to him and he won't be able to commit. Steadman has been our back-up option if required, but he recently found out he has commitments on Sunday that he can't get out of.

    So here we are. Deja vu to last season. We need one more person to step up, and I can't pull the sixth cap out of my ass. Someone has to raise their hand if we're going to run this league on schedule.

    Here are the options:
    - Delay the draft by a week
    - Allow co-caps
    - Somehow find an elite three leaguer to captain who hasn't signed up yet

    I'm open to any of the ideas. But those are the only ones. The new lineup caps have equalized the values from 8-10*. If you're close to 8/8/8 or are elite in one league and can show on the majority of sundays, consider yourself qualified. Let's figure this out.
    PattheBat> steadman your name is literally "a mean std"

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    Here's who we have:

    Ease (Confirmed)
    Zidane (Confirmed)
    Mythril (Confirmed)
    Spezza (Confirmed)
    Dreamwin (Confirmed)

    Here's the rest:

    Steadman (Willing to cap but unable to show for the draft on Sunday)
    Commodo (Highly unlikely)
    Ixador (Interested)
    Attacks (Showed interest over a month ago, haven't heard from him since I started helping)
    Tiny (Open to co-capping)

    Who else is able to show for the majority of Sundays and is interested in volunteering to cap? Please speak up soon.
    PattheBat> steadman your name is literally "a mean std"


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      There will be some weekends I can't show, but - for the sake of getting this rolling - I'll cap.


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        MHZ saves the day. You're the man.

        PattheBat> steadman your name is literally "a mean std"


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          What are commodo?s restrictions? Another thought could be that someone like tiny is the co-captain for commodo just to pick the draft. Commodo would get someone like tiny/attacks for free essentially but this would keep a three leaguers spaced out on the 6 teams.

          I would cap if I have commodo as my co-captain and first draft pick.
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            I'll be here most weekends and can delegate from my team if not. The only Sunday I can't make for definite is Feb 17th.