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Top 50 TWDT 2019 Players (Week 3)

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  • Top 50 TWDT 2019 Players (Week 3)

    Top 50 Players

    Big thanks to Major Crisis and his stats work, without whom this wouldn't be possible.

    Methodology for the Overall rating I've selected:

    1) 100% of your best league's rating, 50% of your second best league's rating, 25% of your third best league's rating

    This prevents fillers and low-stars who play in all three league and being mediocre in all three from overwhelming the Overall statistic
    with sheer volume, and rewards actual excellence in leagues.

    Then, relative to other players who are truly dominating in one league, you can separate those players with how they're playing in their
    second and third leagues.

    2) I give the second best player in WB and Jav 100 rating, since there's usually someone breaking the curve and it artificially lowers
    everyone else's rating
    . So Racka has 121 rating and Zidane has 111 rating, the only two scores above 100.

    3) I used modified formulas for spider and terr. Also, I ditched the shark formulas completely and used the eye test, multiplied it by
    confidence (5GP = 100% confidence) and subtracted 1 point from the final score for every 10 minutes below 90 minutes won.

    This produces better results, to my mind. I decreased confidence in all 3 leagues from 6GP to 5GP as well.

    4) For base, it only counts your highest rating in one ship. So if you're 90 in spider, 40 in terr, and 70 in shark, it gives you a 90 rating in base.

    1:Ogron> Redemption (349) killed by: Shaw
    1:Ogron> looks like Shaw shanked Redemption :-)
    1:Ease> ...
    1:Heaven> LOL
    1:Heaven> Ogron ? fired from Thunder Mar. 17, 2019 - 02:39