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week 4?

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  • week 4?

    where is it?

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    Week four is just a shitty replay week. There's one replay this weekend and then playoffs start. I didn't advertise anything on the forums because only two teams are participating in one game this weekend.
    Vehicle> ?help Will the division's be decided as well today?
    Message has been sent to online moderators
    2:BLeeN> veh yes
    2:Vehicle> (Overstrand)>no
    2:BLeeN> ok then no
    :Overstrand:2:Bleen> veh yes
    (Overstrand)>oh...then yes


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      who is replaying who at what time ?
      8:I Hate Cookies> a gota d√°gua foi quando falei q eu tinha 38 anos e estava apaixonado por uma garota, mas a fam√*lia dela n deixava agente namorar
      8:I Hate Cookies> a√* quando todo mundo me apoiou falando q o amor supera tudo, falei q a garota tinha 12 anos
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      8:AnImoL> esses amigos falsos
      8:SCHOPE NORRIS> o amor supera tudo. da até pra esperar a puberdade
      8:I Hate Cookies> sim... fiquei desiludido schope...


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        And why can't they do it like an hour before the playoffs and put playoffs on this week? Because then you wouldn't know who play who? Well can't you delay that one league. I dunno, sounds weird.