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  • Stargazer's recommendation for PUMA

    Really have no clue why you would post an update in a forum and lock it, so I decided to make a thread of my own. If you decide later to unlock it to allow SOME discussion, feel free to delete this one or merge it. After all it's not like it's an official ruling, so some discussion should be allowed.

    Anyways, yes ignite sucks at captain and probably deserves to be replaced, but most everybody had already predicted this from the beginning. So here's the obligatory "we told you so" post. Putting that aside, TWDT staff (mainly stargazer) really screwed puma over last weekend regardless of ignite's shittiness with those 2 suspensions. To put it into perspective, say for example you suspended 2 quality multileague players from Internet Predators. Obviously our showing would be complete crap the following week.

    Don't really know where I was heading with that. Anyways, if you haven't done so already, I feel that at the very least the Ops should have a discussion with ignite, even if the likely outcome is that he'll tell you to fuck off. Since you guys chose him as cap, so don't just toss him aside without even talking to the guy. At least go through normal procedures so that you look more organized and professional.

    A few more small details. Doesn't ignite own the rights to PUMA? If you change leadership now most likely you'd have to switch squadnames. It shouldn't be that big of a deal, but I figured I might as well point that out before ignite "accidentally" squadkicks everybody off puma 3 minutes before gametime. Also, by extending free agency, do you also include applications to free agency, or just drafting people?
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    Surprisingly reasonable post on the TW forums? I'm a little shocked. Good points Sal.

    I just want to get the facts out there in case people are wondering why he is being considered for removal.

    Case against Ignite:
    He played 3 players in all 3 games in Week 3. Poor turnout is partly to blame on the captain (although if its a 1-week occurrence it is fair to say that sometimes "Shit happens.")

    Ignite didn't want to pickup any "trash players" that are available (and potentially active), even though he had enough * to pickup 2 players (exactly enough to replace those players that were suspended for this last week).

    His stated reasoning for this is because he wants to win and those players won't help him do so, because they are not talented enough.

    He is aware, I hope, that he gets to choose who plays each game, right? And that those players would only HAVE to play if Puma were playing shorthanded or about to forfeit. Preventing an automatic loss sounds like helping to win to me.

    He also failed to show in time or give proper instructions to an assistant for the first game of the week (and the basing game?)

    In summary: In the last 2 weeks, Puma has 4 forfeits (out of 6 games) and played shorthanded for long stretches in 2 other games. Ignite has done nothing to try to correct this poor turnout, and, in fact, has publicly proclaimed that he would not.
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      ignite a bad captain? i am truly shocked
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        i didn't even see this one coming when captains were being announced
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          everyone thought he'd be a great captain and i mean everyone
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            What is the status of this?
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              Uh-oh? Gone for three weeks from TWDT and this is happening?

              Ignite is not a bad captain, that's something I can guarantee you. I was in Quake for around 4 months and I truly enjoyed my time in there, even though I had my doubts when I first joined. He's fully capable of leading a squadron.

              If you want someone to blame for PUMA's inactivity then the person to blame is me. I have failed to show up for three (and most likely fourth coming) weeks in a row due to a few issues in real life. I even kind of promised to show up for the past two weeks matches for TWDT-J and TWDT-B, heh.

              Nonetheless I don't think that Ignite should be replaced as a captain.

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                Turban... stfu.
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                  Nobody will give ignite any sympathy here. He fucked up, he does not deserve to be a captain of a squad if he is not willing to help the squad compete and win. Get someone who is willing to captain to replace him.
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                    Originally posted by Kid Kaos View Post
                    Get someone who is willing to captain to replace him.
                    i volunteer
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