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    Well here we are at the semi-finals already. Season sure is moving quick now. I will unfortunately not be here this weekend (have to go to some stupid wedding for people I've met like twice...better be free booze). So someone may have to take up the Hot or Not banner for me this week. (Kthx if you want to get in shape for TWL?) So without further ado, here's my extra beefy (For you Crunchy Nut) semi-finals preview.

    Here are the current brackets (with super high production values)


    Int Preds_____


    Int Preds_____
    Without Ease_|______


    Int Preds_____

    On to the individual game previews then, shall we?


    Revenge vs. Top5Squad
    This is a rematch of a recent week 7 blowout win by Revenge (50-28). Revenge (as usual) showed up one of their top lines, but Top5Squad was missing a few starters (chuckle and jones most notably, and Scoop made a rare and probably rusty appearance). Misled took over the game from the beginning and finished 18-8, with most of Misled's teammates going positive as well. Will the same result happen again? I would say that is unlikely, considering the way Top5Squad played last week in demolishing WOOT. These are the two teams with the least number of different players used during the year, so they should have decent teaming. This is an early prediction, but I think whoever wins this game will win the final as well.

    Top5Squad's expected starting lineup:
    Apok, Cui, Jones, Chuckle, Jaa/Ro/Scoop/Lockdown/Death Row

    That is the lineup they used last week and played well with it. Jaa has told me he has confidence in himself and will probably start, but Ro, Scoop, Lockdown, and Death Row could possibly crack the starting line if they show up or for some other reason. No has also been very active for them, but has not played that well this year.

    Revenge's expected starting lineup:
    Burnt, Riverside, Vys, Misled, Hercules/vt/Spaceship/Terian

    Statistically, Spaceship has played the best out of that last group of players on the year. However, it would not surprise me if Hercules got the start. Revenge has only played 9 wbs all year, so i would be very shocked if someone other than the people listed play in this game.

    It's a tough call, but it's hard to bet against Revenge, especially when Top5Squad has been so inconsistent.

    Internet Predators vs. Ruby
    Whereas the previous game was a rematch from Week 7, this is a rematch from way back in Week 1. Both teams have changed significantly since, especially Internet Predators, who have improved dramatically in dueling division in the last few weeks. Ruby won that game in Week 1 50-40, using one of the best lineups they possess (including a rare showing from Geisha). In addition, Ruby upset Without Ease last week impressively and teamed very well in doing so.

    Ruby's expected starting lineup:
    Jethro Tull, Unabled, Deck, Lofty, killergt/kid kaos/Exalt/beam/Quartz

    The first 4 names were the starting lineup for last week and all have decent stats on the year, including Jethro Tull with the 4th best K : D ratio in the league, and Deck/Unabled in the top 11. Of the rest, Quartz has the best numbers but appears to be inactive, at least as far as TWDT goes. Kid Kaos played OK last week and has played in a large percentage of Ruby's games this year, and may get the nod again this week.

    Internet Predators' expected starting lineup:
    Jamal, Rasaq, bike, Crunchy Nut/Pascone/Saetep/Shadowmere/Squazzie/Ricko/Sphinktor

    This was a tough line to pick out after the first 3. They have played a lot of guys for only 1 or 2 weeks this year and have a few random carries (Squazzie 13-4 and Shadowmere 16-5 in only games played for them), as well as Pascone one of their bigger names struggling throughout the year. However, one thing this shows is that they have good depth and could win with a number of starting lines.

    Both of these teams are hot coming in, winning a few games in a row each. They also both have had a few players carrying them throughout the year (some unexpectedly), so this game could really go either way depending on who has a good game. If someone like Jamal or Jethro Tull manages to get a carry, that will probably push the game in one direction or another.


    Revenge vs. WOOT
    This is getting weird. Once again Revenge gets a rematch against a team it beat in Week 7 but is probably the next best team to Revenge itself in the individual league. WOOT, however, played nowhere near its optimal line in that game against Revenge. There was probably only one, maybe two, players who have a shot of cracking the lineup this week. Revenge's jav line has been the most dominant squad of the entire season, as well as the line with the best attendance. Revenge has only played 7 different javs in its 7 different games this year (winning all 7 fairly easily), which is just astounding. If any squad has a shot against Revenge in javelin, WOOT is probably it, but they will have to play a great game in order to win.

    WOOT's expected starting lineup:
    Ease, Eelam, H0M0, Kawrae, Confluence/flared/Jrahen/Creature/PUNK rock

    H0M0 was the only player in that top 5 that didn't show up last week (and Jrahen did mediocre in his place). They will need their best in order to beat Revenge who we know almost for sure will show their best. Ease has to be given a lot of credit for handling things while Creature has been unable to play due to lag/been asleep at match time in China.

    Revenge's expected starting lineup:
    Aimbot, maketso, Hercules, Dawk, Necromotic/Singer/Cripple

    These are the only players to have played this year for Revenge in javelin. They have been good, all of them. Maketso has the highest qualifying K : D in the league, and the others aren't far behind him. Aimbot has a super impressive 1.50 K : D even after playing in every game. If 5 of these 7 players don't show up, I will be very shocked.

    I've pretty much said it all already, but Revenge is the heavy favorite to win the title in this league. If anyone can beat them, it is probably WOOT, but they will have to show one of their best lines and really play well.

    Without Ease vs. Internet Predators
    Once again, this is a rematch of a Week 7 game. This is the infamous "Megaman89 lagged out and was not subbed out for too long" game, won by Internet Predators 50-46 in a fierce comeback. The teams were fairly even when playing even-strength (except at the beginning when Megaman89 was dominating). I thought before that match that these were the 3rd and 4th best javelin teams, so it should again be a tight battle. Without Ease won last week in a moderately tough game against Ruby.

    Without Ease's expected starting lineup:
    Megaman89, Raples, Sauro, Hypocrit, I.D./Struck/kid/freddie/Golden_Aim

    This starting 5 is the same as the one used last week and in Week 7. In Week 7, kid subbed in for Megaman89. Struck actually has better stats than anyone but Sauro and Megaman89, but he was not put in last week.

    Internet Predators' expected starting lineup:
    Shadowmere, Dead_Rain, Fludd, Jamal, Spikey/M_M God/Damnifier/FieryFire/Dynasty/bike

    Like in warbirds, Internet Predators has good depth and has played a higher than average number of players. Not very sure if Fludd or FieryFire would even show up, but the others are likely to. Shadowmere and Dead_Rain have been very good the last few weeks, and I have a feeling Jamal will be playing in javelin this week since it is the playoffs and the 2 league rule is lifted.

    This should be a tight game, unless Megaman89 takes over again. I'd say that Internet Predators had the better regular season record and beat Without Ease, so they should be favored...but they were embarrassed for the first 3 minutes in that regular season game before Megaman89 lagged out and didn't bother to come back. Winner will face a tough game in the finals, but anything is possible in this game of ours.
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    *caveat* Basing is my least knowledgeable league and I often don't know, for example, which spiders are better than others (and I haven't compiled stats for them).

    Revenge vs. WOOT

    Revenge comes into this semi-finals game with 2 losses and a bye in the last 3 weeks. Before that they had won 5 in a row (well..4 besides the PUMA forfeit). WOOT has won a few in a row, but not against the best competition. However, they did so in fairly impressive fashion last week in the first round. These two teams met in Week 1 (we haven't had a matchup of teams not in the first or last week of the regular season yet) and was the closest basing match of the season time-wise. WOOT has been very inconsistent in basing this year, but I think they will do better now without the 2-league rule.

    WOOT expected starting lineup:
    Terrier- Brookus/Kawrae/JeBu
    Sharks- PureOwnage, cremation/snugz/Jrahen/Confluence
    Special- Confluence/Da1andonly (Jav)
    Spiders- Kawrae, Mikes, Ease, Jrahen/Redlights/Server/Arobas+/PUNK rock/Hero

    Kawrae showing up the last few weeks has really helped WOOT's basing squad, doing a litlte bit of everything and adding expertise. PureOwnage provides good sharking and they have a few other decent options there. Confluence has the proper lag to be a base jav, and Brookus was solid last week. Ease gets to spider in the playoffs, giving another big boost to their line.

    Revenge expected starting lineup:
    Terrier- Burnt
    Sharks- Dwopple, Jeenyuss/Hercules/royst/cripple/vys
    Special- Vys (wb)/Necromotic (jav)
    Spiders- Cripple, Singer, Kill, Acidbomber/Spaceship/Ara/Zung/Royst

    I placed Zung and Royst farther down the Spider depth chart because I do not know if they will show up. Also, it is easy to tie Revenge's struggles to the lack of stable sharking the last few weeks, as Dwopple and Jeenyuss have not been there. Burnt has been very solid all year (and probably in my opinion one of the top 5 basers this season...but again, I don't know shit about basing). Vys and Necromotic are probably the two of the best at their respective special ships.

    I think it comes down to this: If Revenge can get their best lineup to show up, they should win fairly easily. This is the only league Revenge has trouble with attendance, and if they struggle on Sunday, WOOT has been playing well enough to steal this one from them, and all of WOOT's key players have been showing up consistently in basing.

    Ruby vs. Internet Predators

    In the last game, we finally get a game not a rematch from Week 1 or Week 7. Good old Week 5, when Men were Men and Women knew their place. Internet Predators won by around 10 minutes in that match, and have only lost a very good (and unfortunately missed the playoffs) Balls Deep basing team. Ruby has had a very roller-coastery ride, but they won a good game last week to advance, and have beaten Revenge also during the year, so don't count them out of this match before it starts.

    Ruby's expected starting lineup:
    Terrier- Draft
    Sharks- a2m, duel pasta/unabled
    Special- Jethro Tull (wb)/ dald(jav)
    Spiders- Shayde, Suede, Anidalife, Stayon/Valcrist/Dald/sCHOPe/Wheen

    Key to Ruby's success is a solid game from Draft and the holy lag of Jethro Tull causing massive devastation and confusion, sniping repping sharks and terriers alike. Stayon has not been around the last few weeks, but he will need to be present and under the lag limits for Ruby to have a good shot against Internet Predators. In addition, besides Unabled, they do not have very much depth at shark, so a2m and duel pasta will need to be around. THIS IS ME REMINDING DUEL PASTA YOU HAVE A GAME ON SUNDAY AT 4PM EST.

    Internet Predators expected starting lineup:
    Terrier- Jamal/Salu/Mikkiz
    Sharks- Downfall, miDoeNT/ffe/Rasaq
    Special- M_M God (jav)
    Spiders- Spikey, Dead_Rain, Hellkite, Shadowmere/Jamal/ffe/FieryFire/Spezza <TW>/Salu

    The key to Internet Predators' lineup is versatility; Many of them have played different positions this year successfully. You don't have to look any farther than Jamal to see this, as he is both a world-class terrier and spider. I'm sure is a great base jav and shark too, if he got the chance. Captain Dead_Rain is also very versatile. Downfall has been a very solid shark all season that anchors down that position. I don't even know who plays special ship when M_M God isn't around, so that might be the main weakness of the line. FieryFire hasn't been around for a while, but he'd probably start in Spider if he showed up.

    All in all, it would be surprising if Internet Predators did not win this whole league, so they should be able to take down Ruby; No matter how frisky they are. I'd predict something similar to the Week 5 matchup, a 5-10 minute victory for Internet Predators.
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      u know absolutely nothing about basing if you dont have me in the basing lineup ROFLMAOO jesus christ go learn something about the zone.

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        Originally posted by eelam <tw> View Post
        u know absolutely nothing about basing if you dont have me in the basing lineup ROFLMAOO jesus christ go learn something about the zone.
        and you've showed up for how many games this season?
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          Originally posted by eelam <tw> View Post
          u know absolutely nothing about basing if you dont have me in the basing lineup ROFLMAOO jesus christ go learn something about the zone.
          Considering you've played in 1/8 basing games for WOOT this year (and 3/8 javelin matches), why did they not put you in every week you were around to javelin in base? Especially last week in the playoffs? Either THEY don't know anything about basing, or you are unreliable.

          I based (pun intended) my "expected" starting lineups off of past starting lineups, with an emphasis on recent lineups, not on an ideal lineup from looking at the roster. Some of the other spiders I've said might not show up have at least played 2 or 3 games this year in base, and I didn't include people like Spawnisen on WOOT's javelin line at all because he has not played a game all year.

          I don't see you bragging about a TWLB ring in your sig, and I'm not even going to bother to edit the original post to include you as an option. So quit trolling and show up this week and prove me wrong.
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            I bet you put me as sub so you could put me in dishonobrable mention again :P

            But gj as usual.


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              Originally posted by freddie View Post
              I bet you put me as sub so you could put me in dishonobrable mention again :P

              But gj as usual.
              I put you as sub because I mentioned everyone who played at least 2 games and you played 3 (and also because I can't WAIT for I.D. to sub you in and for you to go 1-6...sometimes dreams do come true. :P)
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                I hardly need a warmup, i am the best twld columnist ever in tw. But I will try, if nothing else I will cover the game I can and hope someone does the other.
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                  We should be playing basing this weekend. Cough cough Brokenfist cough cough.
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                    Good read, thanks for doing this BM.

                    (And no one will blame you for simply ignoring eelam.)
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                    Originally posted by Vatican Assassin
                    all stats should be removed except for the stat of how many times mattey can go fuck himself which I would expect should be rather high
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                      Originally posted by Black Mage View Post
                      Terrier- Jamal/Salu/Mikkiz
                      Yes, finally someone recognizes my awesome terring powers!!
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                        gotcha back for hot or not once i find someone


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                          Good read BM, thanks again :turned:
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                            Glad you played Eelam.
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                              It's always entertaining to read predictions, good or bad. These are actually pretty accurate! Hope you're doing some of these predictions and HoNs in TWL too!