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TWDT Week 2 Hot or Not

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  • TWDT Week 2 Hot or Not

    Another Hot or Not? Seems like I just spend all day yesterday writing....but here we go! Once again I was hosting, but my game got done quick so I saw the ending of all the others.



    First up was the game I hosted, and boy did Ruby rape PZ AAT (50-31) quick. The game started, I put a few people on their myfreqs, and Mythril was already 5-0. He really set the pace for Ruby, and picked up a few irrelevant deaths just by pushing the tempo and attacking despite being outnumbered a few times. He still ended up as the MVP (13-8), but if he had gone for a pretty rec he probably could have had 12-2 or something, but his team would not have won by such a large margin. Also, I have to take some credit for this performance by telling him to stick to warbirds in last week's Hot or Not. PZ AAT didn't have a terrible line in either, since 3 of the WBs I singled out for not showing were here today during the week. All of the WBs for Ruby had good recs, so just check the scorebox for them if you are interested. Might as well note that Turban (6-6) was benched at the start for PZ AAT in order to play the other 2 leagues, but came in with a decent sub, although it did ruin his jav or base eligibility.

    Let's just skip over Top5Squad vs. Pum Pum Crew. All Soilderz fault.

    Ok I guess I should be fair to Pum Pum Crew and highlight their impressive play in the win (50-36) over Top5squad. Skepsis (13-5) and Vida (13-9) racked up 13 kills a piece, and beam (10-6) continued the tear that he's been on since the end of the last TWDT. Shayde (10-10) managed to attain an even record, and nowyoudie (3-1) had a pretty good sub for Top5Squad, although neither should have been forced to play. Raspi said he'd probably show...

    Candy King got a win and is now on the board after beating (50-40) the Propane Nightmares. Burnt (14-7) showed up today, and that made the difference in the world from Sunday. He grabbed the MVP and led his team to the fairly easy victory. Oh, I guess Kthx (11-7) played also. Demonic (13-10) put up a solid number of kills in the win as well. Caos (12-10) and Let (11-10) managed to put up positive marks for the losing Nightmares.

    What to say about the last match of the week? Lots of storylines in this match. It was long, for starters. Time-ran-out long. Riverside (16-9) was too good to get killed out...but his 16 kills was 6 kills short of the necessary amount, and The Jonah Takaluas lost to Audrey's Ass (49-44). Nor did he even earn the MVP, which went to Sir Spider (17-8) in his breakthrough TWDT game. SS getting to start this year in the regular season and paying dividends to Renzi. Spider got help from Pau Gasol, i mean Geio (12-7), his sidekick in the match. Renzi (6-5) also had a nice sub, going positive for the 2nd straight week. Engineers (11-10) was the only other member of Jonah Takaluas that was positive in the loss.

    HOT Player of the Week: Sir Spider (17-8)- Best differential in the closest match, slam dunk.
    Honorable Mentions: Riverside, Mythril, Burnt, Skepsis


    Coroner (1-5) and Violence (1-5) combined for a 2-10 and were the definitive cause of The Jonah Takaluas loss. On the other side of the match, siaxis (0-4) tried to blow it for Audrey's Ass, but Renzi stepped up like a captain should (unlike Violence) and put in a nice sub. Accord (1-8) did most of the work, but Whinegum (0-2) also contributed in the 1-10 combined record that cost the Propane Nightmares the match. It was especially awful because none of their other teammates notched below 8 kills in the contest. Speaking of out-of-place records, Set It Off only achieved a 5-10 against those Nightmares for Candy King, and the rest of his teammates were in the positive and most by at least 3. I'd like to write about Ease (5-10) coming back down to Earth after last week's pro performance, but it's hard to fault him when there's a shark playing WB and going 1-9 because there were no other good options to add. Had I know that Soilderz was in, I would have given up my host and gone to sub in sooner. Saetep (7-9) helped his team win, but didn't quite have the same quality of performance as the rest of his squad. PZ AAT was filled with NOT performances, but the tone was set by Curse's (0-4) almost immediate sub out. Kyou (5-10) was rushing to go to work, and although he was the last surviving member of his squad, his heart didn't seem in it and he essentially surrendered at the end.

    NOT Player of the Week: Accord (1-8)- Bad record in a fairly tight game.
    Dishonorable Mentions: Soilderz, Coroner/Violence, Curse, siaxis
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      Reserved for TWDTB on Thursday.
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        To be fair in the Candy King vs Propane Nightmare match despite the fact that most of PN put up kills the game wasn't ever really close, towards the end of the game most of us relaxed and lured some kills for each other instead of playing the mid range game we had been playing for the most part. Accord also never had a chance since with this map it seems to gravitate the main part of the game towards the spawn zone since the rounded and heavily rocked edges of the map sorta make teaming hard and getting caught up way too easy. Let honestly played a good game and Caos was the last left alive so got a few strays when the game didn't really matter anymore and otherwise would have went negative. Set It Off had a pretty bad game but suffered the same fate as Accord but to a much lesser extent because CK controlled the spawn. Apok isn't putting up huge numbers because there are fewer people luring for him in matches, especially with Burnt's more mid to long range over rush to mid strategy. Anyways, the record doesn't really tell the tale of how the games pace went but I can't fault you for that since you weren't there to see it.

        Anyways, good read, just wanted to clarify our game for those who weren't there to see it.
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          Woot, Not PLayer of the WEek suckas! And yes, map is terrible, even when coords are given out its hard to find your teammates or even get out of spawn. =[
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            Fun game we played this week, glad to have been a part of it. Props to Geio, Maybe Exit, Renzi, Scoop and even siaxis for playing a great game right along with me, props to The Jonah Takaluas for keeping it interesting down to the last second, and thanks to Cres for telling me to change my banner. He's the real hero behind this story.
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