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Fall 2011 TWDT League Rules

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  • Fall 2011 TWDT League Rules

    Head TWDT Operator: Onion Oppressor
    Assistant Head TWDT Operator: BlackMage
    Assisting TWDT Operators: The Paul, Pinkstar
    Advising TWDT Operator: M_M God
    Website Head: Zazu
    Draft Day: September 4th, 2011
    Pre-Season pracitce/tests: September 11th, 2011
    Season Begins: September 18th, 2011

    Any player who wishes to participate in TWDT must apply using a valid TWD registered name. Each player will be allowed one name registered for TWDT. All names will be alias checked to ensure no double squadding.

    • TWDT will consist of eight teams; each team will have no maximum size but will require a minimum of 30 players to be present on the roster.
    • Each TWDT team must maintain one captain and two assistants throughout the duration of the season.
    • In the event of failure of a captain to perform his/her duties, the head TWDT operator reserves the right to assign the captain status to an assistant or any other individual deemed capable who will fulfill the captain’s duties for the remainder of the current TWDT season.
    • A player cannot quit his/her team to join the Waiver List; he/she must be dropped by the captain of that team.
    • Following the Free Agency lock, a captain will be allowed to replace a player on his/her roster deemed inactive (failure to show up to any match) for 2 or more rounds for a player of equal or lesser * value).
    • The TWDT draft will be conducted in a manner similar to a fantasy sports draft. One team will have the first pick in the first round and the last in the second. Ex:
      • 1st round: Team A, Team B, Team C, Team D, Team E
      • 2nd round: Team E, Team D, Team C, Team B, Team A
      • 3rd round: Repeat 1st etc. etc.

    • The TWDT draft will consist of 25 rounds. A captain who exceeds his/her * limit prior to the end of the 15th round maybe choose to either A) continue picking & drop sufficient players to meet eligibility requirements prior to the start of the season or B) forfeit all remaining picks.
    • Each team will be allocated 100 *'s to spend on players during draft and free agency.

    • Trades will be permitted during TWDT regular season until Friday at 23:59:59 EST before the 5th set of games (the same time Free Agency locks).
    • Both captains must approve any trade involving one or more of their player(s).
    • Trades requests must be submitted between Monday 0:00:00 EST and Friday 23:59:59 EST.
    • Both captains must contact a TWDT operator and receive approval in order for any trade to be considered legitimate.

    • The fall 2011 TWDT Regular season will consist of 7 rounds of play over four weeks in which each team will play each opponent once per division.
    • Games will be held on both Sundays and weeknights for the fall 2011 TWDT tournament.
    • Sunday games will be played on the hour at 14:00:00, 15:00:00, and 16:00:00 EST. Divisions will rotate time slots each week. Match times are located on the TWDT site at
    • Weeknight games will be played at 18:00:00 EST on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with each day assigned a specific division; Tuesdays will offer TWDT-D, Wednesdays will see TWDT-J, and Thursdays housing TWDT-B.
    • Any match may be played on a different day than initially scheduled if the following conditions are met:
      • The head TWDT operator must approve a re-schedule of the game in question.
      • Both captains must provide at least a 2 day notice to league ops.
      • Both captains must agree upon a new time for the match to occur. TWDT ops will not be responsible for game time negotiations.

    • Following the conclusion of the 2011 fall TWDT regular season, teams will be sorted based upon overall league standings. The top 6 teams will advance to playoffs and will be organized into one 6-team tournament bracket per division. The top two teams will receive a bye in the first round of playoffs in each division. Teams will then compete in single elimination brackets for each league to determine a division winner as well as an overall Draft Tournament winner.

    • Gameplay will mirror TWL except a modification to basing involving a 4 spider limit per team.
    • During playoffs TWDT-B will increase to a 20 minute time race while TWDT-D and TWDT-J will be played as the best 2 out of 3 rounds.
    • Each team will receive a 50* limit each set of games.
      • Players will only count towards limit one time regardless of games played.
      • In the event of a substitution only the higher rated player will count towards * limit.
      • Captains are forbidden to exceed the * limit at any point in a match. Exceeding this limit in a match at any time will result in a forfeit of that match.

    Rating System
    • Each player will earn a rating based upon skill level and performance in previous TWDT and TWL seasons.
    • Ratings are displayed and may be sorted using the TWDT website located at
    • Each player will be given an overall rating from 1-10* based upon skill across all three divisions (Basing, Dueling, and Javelin) with 1 being the lowest and 10 being highest.
    • The Ratings break down as follows:
      • 10*: Top rated player in all three division
      • 9*: Top multi-division player
      • 8*: High rated multi-division player
      • 7*: Top rated two division / very good three division player
      • 6*: Very good two division / good three-division player
      • 5*: Top rated single division & average other division / above average multi-league player
      • 4*: Top rated single division / average three division player
      • 3*: Above average single division / average multi-division player
      • 2*: Average single division / below average multi-division player
      • 1*: Below average player in all three divisions

    • A player’s rating is the cost to draft that player. Their rating will incorporate their skill in all 3 leagues.
    • If a player’s level of skill is deemed disproportionate with the rating he/she was given, that player’s rating will be raised or lowered as necessary. (See appeals)
    • Ratings appeals:
      • You cannot appeal your own rating.
      • A player may appeal another individual’s rating if valid reason is provided and evidence to support such an appeal exists.
      • Any player for whom a valid appeal request is received will be re-evaluated by the ratings committee.

    Free Agency
    • Following the TWDT draft, any player not drafted to a team will join the free agency.
    • Any player seeking admission into TWDT following the draft will be automatically added to the free agency.
    • Free agency will close at 23:59:59 EST of the Friday at the end of the 4th round of the TWDT regular season.
    • Captains may bid on any player on the waivers/free agency list, so long as that player did not register after the start of the current bidding window, via the TWDT website ( through the bidding panel. Bidding will be conducted as blind bidding with a list of players with currently active bids posted at some point towards the middle of the week.
      • A list of players with active bids will be posted every Wednesday; however, no other information will be released.
      • A player may not be bid upon in the same window they join the free agency.
      • In the event of a tie, a rolling list waiver claim system is used to determine a winning bid.

    • During the post-draft week prior to the start of the TWDT regular season 2 bidding periods will occur. The first will begin Monday at 0:00:00 EST and end Tuesday at 23:59:59 EST while the second period will open Thursday at 0:00:00 EST and close at 23:59:59 EST on Friday.
    • During the TWDT regular season bidding will open Monday at 0:00:00 EST and close Friday at 23:59:59 EST.
    • The lowest bid that may be placed is 1 for novice players and 3 for veteran players. These values will be determined by the Ops.
    • If a captain releases a player from their team the player will not be permitted to re-join that team.
    • In the event a player voluntarily withdraws themselves from the league, a captain will be allowed to select a replacement player of an equal or lesser rating from the free agent pool.

    • Each team will have a limit of 100 *'s to spend and may not exceed this number. In the event a captain exceeds the limit following the start of the season, the team will receive penalties for each day above the limit.
      • On the first day over the * limit, the captain and the highest value player will be suspended from playing during that week.
      • For every day after above the limit, the 2 highest-rated, eligible players will be suspended from playing during that week as well.

    • Each team must have a minimum of 30 players on the roster at the start of the season. In the event a captain fails to achieve this requirement following the start of the season, the team will receive penalties for each below this limit.
      • On the first day below the minimum player requirement, the captain and the highest value player will be suspended from playing during the next set of games.
      • At the end of every free agency bidding window below the minimum player requirement, the 2 highest-rated, eligible players will be suspended from playing during the following set of games in addition to any existing penalty.

    • A captain or assistant who adds an ineligible player will receive a 1 set suspension from the league and will the game will result in a forfeit.
    • A player found to be on multiple TWDT teams will be subject to the same Trench Wars zone punishment as double-squadding in TWD and will receive an expulsion from TWDT.
    • The TWDT head operator reserves the right to ban anyone from participating in the TWDT league and/or deny entrance into the free agency.
    • In the event a captain exceeds the * limit during a match, the offending team will receive a forfeit for that match.

    Extraneous Circumstances
    • Competing down a player counts as playing a 0* player, and will count as 0* towards the * limit.
    • In the event that two or more teams have the same win/loss records at the end of the regular season, playoff rank will be decided by score differential. Since this league stresses all-around excellence, the team having the better score differential in two or more divisions will advance. Ex:
      • Team A: +5 in DT-D, -57 in DT-J, +4:50 in DTB
      • Team B is -10 in DT-D, +1 in DT-J, and +0:57 in DT-B
      • Due to better score differential team A will advance.
    • Filing appeals:
      • Upon an event occurring that may have been the result of excessive lag, cheating, bot issue, or other extraneous circumstance please contact your host right away so that he/she can make note of it.
      • Failure to report and event in an expedient manner (i.e. before the match is over barring it is not the last death) result in an automatic denial of any appeal.
      • The TWDT operators will review each appeals case and decide whether a replay should be awarded. If a replay is awarded a TWDT operator will contact the two captains involved and a replay match will be scheduled and played within the following week.
      • In the event an appeal concerns a TWDT operator or the team he/she is a member of, appeal decisions will not include the operator in question.

    • The resolution in TWDT will be assigned to the match TWD arenas.
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