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Fall 2011 TWDT Playoff Bracket and Reminders

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  • Fall 2011 TWDT Playoff Bracket and Reminders

    So here is the overall playoff bracket. Remember, after this week the leagues will have their own brackets and champions. Winners will advance regardless of the outcomes of the other leagues, and we will win have champions for each league as well as an overall champion based on a point system.

    1) Dun vs me______
    8) Bye____________|_______________
    ____________ ____________________|
    4) Boner Soup_____________________|___________
    5) Calculus Crusaders|______________|

    3) BONK!___________
    6) Baby Eater_______|______________
    __ __________ ____________________|
    2) Nimrook_________________________|___________
    7) Bye_____________|______________|

    Playoffs will continue the rotating schedule used during the season on Sundays. It will be TWDTB at 2pm EST, TWDTD at 3pm EST, then TWDTJ at 4pm EST this Sunday (10/16/11). TWDTD and TWDTJ will be a best of 3 series, while TWDTB will be time race to 20 minutes. If a league goes to 3 rounds and lasts past the next hour, the next league will start promptly after the previous league ends.

    Rules clarification to come soon.
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    question - is there any way to make this less racist?
    The Phase > what version of ssc are you guys running?
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      Lil' Romeo Scuggalini, prepare for defeat in a space battle in the 2nd dimension.
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        looks good! league has been fun, competitive, and well balanced -- playoffs should be a blast!
        S18 TWLB Champ
        S19 TWLB Runner-Up
        S20 TWLD/TWLJ/TWLB Champ
        S21 TWLB Runner-Up
        S8/S9/S10 TWDT-D/TWDT-J/TWDT-B Champ
        S11 TWDT-B Runner-Up
        S12 TWDT-B Champ
        S13 TWDT-B Runner-Up
        S14 TWDT-B Champ
        S16 TWDT-B Runner-Up


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          Looking forward to the playoffs
          What maneuver could possibly be smoover?


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            So if I understand this correctly Reign did not make the playoffs? Could you elaborate on that decision?
            Because multiple teams were eligible for the number 6 spot if I remember correctly. I´d like to see the reasoning why we got kicked off.
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              Never mind I already found it, good game everyone, it wasn´t very easy with our cap quitting half way and most people not showing for weekgames, too bad if we would just have won 1 more we´d be in weekend games only, lucky you
              "Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment" - The Liberian


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                Wait...what? There's no reseeding for playoffs? Is this some sort of joke?
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