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TWDT - dun vs me write up keke (Nerding it up)

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  • TWDT - dun vs me write up keke (Nerding it up)

    Yay! We win all 3 leagues! :b Now I know no one really cared about this league but it still was a fun league to participate in. Would like to thank my team for constantly showing every week and the TWDT coordinators (Blackmage, Onion Oppressor, Pinkstar, LF?, the_paul).

    k, so here is a break down of my roster. I won't be as mean as draft :<

    a2m - 3* - Left you a couple messages I duno you log on once a year now
    Anidalife -3* - Wasn't sure you were even going to show considering how active you were prior to TWDT. Gr8 pickup, gr8 attitude and showed every week mostly.
    bat - 1* - Mage+ now has 3 twdt rings l0l
    byakko - 7* (turban) - dis chinamin da David Freese of the Finals. True definition of headband.
    delectable - 3* - picked up through FA, showed once during regular season against Ease's squad and won. I guess that's all that matters. gg ez noopi
    Eelam - 5* - Again, didn't know the guy coming into this but eel has a gr8 attitude and carried the TWDTJ team. Gj pro!
    Engineers - 4* - stole all the headbands from beam -_-
    flared - 5* - are you done fukin me? pos (even tho u showed for finals)
    Geio - 4* - Guy showed to many of the games willing to play any ship. Won the DTD ring like he said he would. Finally this guy can stop pming me :b
    hulk - 4*- wow, dis guy such a gud chinamin ^_^
    hypocrit- 4* - Drafted knowing he was a pretty solid all around player. Definitely a plus considering he showed to majority of the games. Thanks! :b
    Infrared - 4* - dunno how much dis chinamin try to troll me but juss suk dik. Hehe.
    Iron Survivor - 2* - the BEST 2* in the whole draft rofl. Could one of you larger squads recruit him off exanimus or whatever plz.
    Mikkiz - 4* - you ever die in terr????????
    not in game - 3* - uh, gr8 cheerleader
    Props - 3* - Dunno, did you even play any games
    Public Assassin - 3* - LOL, thanks for showing to 0 regular season games and have gr8 sub during finals fgt.
    Ra - 3* - Picked up through FA. Nice guy, wish I could have played you a bit more.
    Raazi - 3* - fuk u amin
    Riverside - 5* - HUGE part of this team. He showed to majority of games and played well in every league. Really appreciate helping me out with everything. This guys ego gonna be enormous now. HUEHUEHUEHUE
    rookie - 2* - should have axed this faggot and his emoness faggotry go fuk urself.
    Rucci - 3* - Great spider, always made an effort to show to games and has a good attitude.
    Schezar - 1* - ?
    Sleazy 3* (Oder) - One of the better pick ups, showed to games, never complained, and can play any ship. Wow, u dis good?
    Sphinx - 3* - ur probably at like -99999999999 bro points atm.
    TiduZ - 4* - duno why i picked this guy up. Way to troll me fgt.
    unabled - 4* - why is this guy so expensive, wtf. Always worked but did at least make an effort to show to a couple of games.
    versa - 2* - RIP versa
    wildbird - 1* - could have sworn this said wiibimbo
    Zagis - 3* - o ye i drafted dis guy

    cres - 'on calculus crusader but gr8 moral support which help me lead dis 3 league team'

    P.S. forgot to thank Claushouse and BM for doing HoN's. Knew I forgot someone fuk

    RIP dun vs me
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    y i help ur team more than mine

    ps royst r u done
    1:Rasaq> i scrub really hard with toilet paper so little pieces of it get stuck to my anus hair and then later on when im watching tv i like to pull them out slowly because it feels pretty good

    1:Mutalisk> heard that n1111ga okyo got some DSLs

    Paradise> No names but there's actually a black man in the arena right now.

    Jones> MAAAAN1111GA UCHIHA

    Paradise> NO NAMES. NOT A SINGLE NAME.....but 3/6 of the players on Force are of a certain descent. I will not go any further.


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      mentioned something to this effect in the HoN, but ill say it again, Mikkiz was the best terr in TWDT-B this season, guy always shows, never tries to be a hero, keeps his composure, and DOESN'T...FUCKING...DIE! (much) guy been in-form last few months helping LEGO win games they had no right winning. especially with the mandated special, his style really works well in this league.
      1:Ogron> Redemption (349) killed by: Shaw
      1:Ogron> looks like Shaw shanked Redemption :-)
      1:Ease> ...
      1:Heaven> LOL
      1:Heaven> Ogron ? fired from Thunder Mar. 17, 2019 - 02:39


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        Originally posted by Hulk View Post
        versa - 2* - Thank you versa for gr8 contribution in twdt-j finals. RIP
        Thank you hilk. gr8 captaining.
        Superman don't need no seat belt.

        -Muhammad Ali

        TWDT-D, TWDT-J, TWDT-B Champion 2011. Yes am this gud.

        Mafia XLIV: Bound By Honor - Champion (Inmate)


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          can this guy get any nerdier? who the hell does this kinda thing?
          jk great captaining hulk. you were mr. unselfish all season and let others play for you anytime. ty 4 letting me start all 3 leagues in finals, and during season
          and fuk u i carried just as much as turban. turban tho
          9:zidane> i dont play or twd ever..

          1:Engineers> am top spider on squad call me avatar eng
          1:Cres> ye we only had to axe 10 ppl for it



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            love you too

            no homo.