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Aura fkd me

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  • Aura fkd me

    Someone broke the website yesterday and there was no option to bid on waivers, I messaged Aura about it well before midnight but he was playing Guild Wars all day and didn't do anything

    pls fix this

    redo this weeks waiver bids



    Gun Remembers.
    1:Cape> is infrared the thing that microwave does?
    Cape> i thought it was like u inferred
    1:Cape> yo when u look up at the night sky and see billions of night stars
    1:Cape> im like fuk it let this shit end

    Tsunami> LOl
    beam> stfu tsunami
    Tsunami> yo this girl is dead up snoring
    beam> ur blacker than tarcoal
    Tsunami> should end her life while she sleeps

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    you wouldnt have been able 2 win me anyways i was too expensive
    The Phase > what version of ssc are you guys running?
    Criminal> idk whatever was on the first google result for "piece of shit spaceship game from 96 free download"

    Originally posted by Leland
    lol lo l oo lo l ol olol o lo l ol o lo l o

    420 420 420


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      (MessageBot)>2012 Aug 29 5:35PM (twdt2012) Aura: If you have any technical site problems with bidding, please contact 24 so he can fix the site for you.

      [Aug 31 19:55] iNfRaReD: are waivers locked? da fuk

      This is why you don't wait until Friday night to bid. Appeal denied. Thread closed.
      Just like middle school, drawing pnus is frowned upon. ?go pictionary -SpookedOne

      (duckrager)> You are a worthless scammer i hope you fall on your head and have a seizure

      Tower> anyone here planning an 'Aura from trench wars bullied me' suicide?