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TWDT 2013 -- WEEK 4 -- RECAP

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  • TWDT 2013 -- WEEK 4 -- RECAP


    Thunder vs. Vagina

    Obi finally stepped up in his main ship and shot the lights out with a stellar 14-5, alongside another idealistic performance from Skepsis (14-8), as Thunder roared past Vagina in WB.

    Best stuck around with an 8-9, whilst Ease (6-3) subbed in nicely for COLLOSUS (1-6), and 420 contributing a solid 7-8.

    Thunder seem unstoppable in WB at the moment with the Ease-Best-Skepsis combo proving fierce competition.

    MVP: Obi

    team hilk vs. Kamikaze

    pizikus (14-7) made a surprise stellar outing in ship 1, as did BIET (13-7), the unlikely duo stunning skatarius and co. with great play, as Apok has finally turned up for his new team, pitching in a 7-5 after being traded from TWDT's biggest contender (dun vs. me).

    infrared added 11-8, while siaxis continues to be awful in his own ship, with an abysmal 5-10.

    On the losing side, decent scores all-around, as a2m, compelled, Murder, Rendered, and skat all posted 7-10 to 9-10, but couldn't get a single player to step up and be a difference maker.

    Said Murder after the game: "I feel pizically ill."

    MVP: Pizikus

    Baratheon vs. Power

    Baratheon, who have been beyond atrocious in WB all year, upset heavy early favorites in TWDT-D Power with a stellar team performance, led by a Kingly sortie from Rasaq (16-8), who was an absolute beast.

    Misled (10-7), Demonic (9-7), cranium (8-7) and Stannis (7-8) all provided clutch support, toppling the seemingly invincible Mythril/Bon duo leading the Power team, as the superstar WBs put up 12-10 and 11-10 respectively, but couldn't carry zidane/Omega's 6-10s or 25's horrendous 2-10 while lapping around the map desperately scared of any enemy encounter, running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

    MVP: Rasaq

    dun vs me vs. Terrorist

    This game was an absolute stunner, going right down to the wire as the dunvsmeans edged out Dreamwin's dream team by a mere 2 kills.

    Scintillating performances from maketso (15-10), Mhz (15-10), and Burnt (14-10) were marred by ignominious outings from dreamwin (2-10) and rodney (2-10), in a combined effort that leaves my Thesaurus at a loss for words.

    This was contrasted by a much more even-keeled showing from Hulk's powerhouse team, as 24 (14-9), Amputate (12-9), QPR (11-10), and Overheat (9-10) made up for the lackluster Rough (2-6) and kid kaos (2-4).

    A breathtaking game to watch, I can only assume, since I didn't see it. But you know the old saying -- "Lies, damn lies, just give me the statistics already!"

    MVP: 24



    Terrorist vs. Power

    Terrorist bounced back in javelin, however, trouncing the underpowered Zidane team with maketso (14-6) having a career year in TWDT, and Mhz (12-9) and Burnt (11-4) continuing to put up big numbers, with Major Crisis (7-9) in tow and dreamwin (5-10) seemingly having an off week, after leading TWLJ in kills mere months prior.

    25 (2-10) continued his insanely bad play across every league, going a combined 4-20 in wb/jav, to go along with a terrible personality, as he helped sink another superb game from Mythril (14-10), doing everything in his power to help his TWDT team across all three leagues, with Zidane, Kim, and Omega in tow with middling scores.

    MVP: Maketso

    dun vs me vs. Kamikaze

    The dunvsmeans steamrolled Kamikaze, with Amputate (17-4) going absolutely fucking ham, carrying QPR (5-9) and Kira (5-9) on his back while stiff-arming the opposition and taking the ball into the endzone, then kicking the field goal, jumping into special teams and returning the ball end-to-end for a 99yard TD.

    Top personality Rough (12-9) had a great game as well, teaming up with fellow veteran 24 (9-3) to massacre the likes of Murder, a2m, Evildeed, Compelled and skatarius, with only Evildeed (11-10) managing to get over 7 kills for his side.

    MVP: Amputate

    Vagina vs. Baratheon

    Vagina eked out Baratheon in javs by a cunt hair, as zeebu (15-8) put up huge numbers, with LF (9-7), KANE (9-9), and Kate Upton (10-10) providing solid support, carrying bad performances from the always-terrible Children (6-10), and Star Fox (0-2).

    cranium (15-10) was huge, but his efforts were for naught as Demonic, Stannis, and Rasaq handed in middling 6/7s, with only euforia (9-10) achieving near-parity.

    MVP: zeebu

    Thunder vs. Team Hilk

    byakko (16-9) unfurled Zeus's fury onto the hapless hilkers, as Ease (14-8) put on his tryhard cap as well, with Dzeko (8-7), Best (9-7), and MM_God/Undercut (2-6/0-4) in tow, downing the likes of infrared (10-10), Apok (9-10), Singer (7-10) and Sludge (9-10), their side carrying the under-performing BIET.

    We tried to give byakko (Turban) his MVP award in person, but he had an Anime Tentacle on his doorknob -- I assume that's the equivalent to a sock for virgins furiously masturbating to hentai.

    MVP: byakko



    dun vs me vs. team hilk

    Amputate (63-26) continued his monumental week, bot MVPing his base game, leading Minotar (66-47), Heaven (54-40), Rough (52-29), and QPR (57-60) over the diminutive basing line from Team Hilk.

    Cintra (23-2) provided a solid back bone, as Oder and 24 (???) sharked them to a comfortable victory.

    On the other side, infrared (76-41) did his best to will his team for victory, but Zizzo/Pressure seemed to struggle in terr, switching mid-way and accumulating 12 deaths, despite solid sharking from fermata and humid. BIET, KATC, Zizzo/Pressure, and (especially) Prettymadness couldn't get it going against the stronger spider line.

    MVP: Amputate

    Terrorist vs. Vagina

    Terrorist stomped on Vagina, as Major Crisis (10-0) aced the game playing nice and safe, as Burnt (60-19) led a bunch of comfortable scores from dreamwin, sphinx, wbm, and maketso, behind good sharking from nokkonen and Mhz.

    On the losing side, Children (11-9) put in another god-awful performance trying to terr, assuring Terrorist of an easy victory, before negging in jav.

    LF/Kate/Schope sharked, with zeebu/zig/Kate/trance/yawn/kane unable to get it done in spid, in a merry-go-round of players that looked like that Scene from the Godfather II with the guy stuck in the revolving door, and ended the same way.

    MVP: Burnt

    Thunder vs. Baratheon

    Thunder showed a full line, trouncing Baratheon, with Chief Utsav (18-1) putting in a nice terring performance, behind Mcvicar and Downfall in ship 8.

    Undercut (68-27) led all spiders, bot-MVPing, with 2:1 scores from Ease, MM God, byakko, and Best.

    Mikkiz lagged out 2 seconds in, unable to play, subbed in by euforia, who also lagged out, leaving Baratheon with a half-shown line further halved by lagouts, and a late push behind NL>Trigger, Rasaq, Spiderhate, TJ Hazuki and gilder proved too little, too late, clawing back from 10-0 to put up several minutes behind Cranium and Stannis.

    MVP: Undercut

    Kamikaze vs. Power

    This was a weird, no-showy 6v5 (6?) game, but nevertheless Skatarius's team came through, easily beating Power with a2m sharking ahead of Evildeed (23-4) in terr, with strong spidering from the captain himself, going 90-44 with 3 teks.

    He led fellow spiders Jack (81-37) and Rab (72-26), alongside bellflowers (67-28) over omega (18-9) in terr behind zidane and mythril in shark, with bon, melody, and shayde struggling in spider.

    MVP: skatarius


    dun vs. me and Thunder pulled away in the Standings this week, both ripping into the league with perfect 3-0s, with Terrorist not far behind going 2-1, and Kamikaze only 1 win behind them overall, leaving Power, Baratheon, Team Hilk and Vagina struggling to keep apace as we reach the halfway mark.

    The good news for those teams is that 6/8 teams make playoffs, making their stats irrelevant. It is, however, very relevant for the 3-4 frontrunners at the moment, as the 1-2 spots in the standings get a bye into the Semi-Finals, whilst 3-6 have to compete in the Quarters.

    WB of the Week: Rasaq (16-8), vaulting his struggling WB squadron above top-notch performers Mythril and Bon, and infusing his TWDT team with a much-needed win.

    Jav of the Week: zeebu (15-8), carrying his team with a stellar performance in an extremely tight game.

    Baser of the Week: Burnt (60-19) leading his team to a solid win and contributing in every league

    PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Amputate, dropping a monstrous 17-4 in jav, 63-26 in spider, and 12-9 in wb, and decimating the opposition with ruthless efficiency, Amputate Bot-MVP'd 2/3 leagues and led them to a perfect 3-0, his three TWL 17 rings crunching into the jaws of his disheartened foes -- I hope he's got insurance for those hands.

    Somebody get this guy a gatorade (Children's time to shine.)
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