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Appeal the whole week of TWDT

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  • Appeal the whole week of TWDT

    I'm too hangover to write anything specific.

    - 2 top players having ridiculous lag issues at certain time of the day. -> Allow reschedule.

    - The schedule was posted on friday. Less than 48h prior to games.

    Can't fucking defend my championship if im not allowed to play. Some bad decisions have been made all season could make one more and grant this appeal.
    When the appeal is 100% legit, like last year's TWL Dudgeon vs some squad, it is not granted. But when its totally ridiculous, you have a chance so here we go.
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    Season 18 champion TWLJ / TWLB
    Season 19 champion TWLB (C)

    Season 6 champion TWDT-J TWDT-B (C)
    Season 10 champion TWDT-J (C)
    Season 11 champion TWDT-B (C)
    Season 13 champion TWDT-B (C)
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    neither of these provide an unfair advantage
    - anyone can lag
    - anyone can miss the schedule


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      Response to Lag:
      I understand how frustrating having key players start lagging like hell on the worst day possible. Your requests for postponement and complaints about this did not go ignored. Infact I spent most my time online during TWDT trying to gather more information. I was not able to gather enough information to prove this was due to server lag.

      If I was told in advance by at least a couple hours I may have been able to troubleshoot your connection if your lag is specific to outside reasons like a players ISP or a players location, there is nothing we can do to help. If I granted this appeal it would cause problems in the future with other leagues. Everyone that needs a postponement will call lag. I cannot grant the appeal based on these grounds and my current information

      I feel bad for you and your team, I really do. Theres only so much I can do and only so far I can go when it comes to helping, as Kate Upton found out the hard way.

      As for the schedule I apologize how late it was posted also. I assumed people knew the times since they have remained the same all season. I also announced the order of the games multiple times in multiple outlets. I will post them sooner this week and next, I was a bit tied up with some other projects. I also had to go through the season and make sure that the standings were correct considering the poor recording job the bots do.

      Any other arguments, questions, complaints about this ill be happy to listen to. Reply here or PM in game