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    Rating is just Raw Rating ((Kills x 10) x KDA) run through handicaps like your Star Rating, quality of your team, the quality of your opponents, and confidence of that rating (how many games you played).

    Both Raw Rating and Rating have been adjusted so the average score is 100. Anyone with 100 Rating is performing average relative to how many stars they are in warbird. Anyone above is overperforming
    or under-performing.


    The first thing that comes to mind is that, even after handicapping, 4 of the 5 players rated 10-Stars are in the Top 6. This is a similar ceiling to the NBA Maximum Salary, where:

    Originally posted by Nate Silver
    The reason may be the league’s maximum salary: James is worth something like $45 million per season by this method but will make only about $20 million. Surround James with 11 league-average players, paid at their market rate, and his team would be projected to win about 56 games. Add in one other favorable contract to the mix, and it would be somewhere in the 60-plus win range and a championship front-runner. It isn’t easy to find a LeBron, obviously. But the league’s very best players are so underpaid that getting one of them can be as valuable as signing three or four Lillards or Milsaps or Greens to pretty good deals.
    The best 3-4 players in the NBA are worth more than the maximum salary, and are therefore very good value, even with a Team Salary Cap in place. That quote is from a 538 article ( that talks about how Carmelo Anthony is worth exactly the max contract, and therefore isn't a bad deal, but isn't a good one. Think of him as a 9-Star player -- he's taking up a valuable spot, but producing far less than a 10-Star, yet takes up almost the same amount of cap space/stars.

    This implies that the 10-Stars are actually, in a star cap system, probably worth 13-14-15 Stars, in the same way Lebron's max salary is 20 million, but he is worth 45 million to his team by advanced metrics. Worth noting if TWDT switches to an over 35-Star cap for TWDT-J and TWDT-D.

    Rab and maketso are the most valuable 6-Star so far this season, while Turban is the Most Valuable 7 Star. Auger and Okyo are the most valuable 8-Stars, while Shaddowknight and Lena are the most valuable 5-Stars.

    At the top, Ease, Apok, Lasenza and Racka have proven their worth as 10-Stars.
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    I've been 5* all season - must have just changed it
    I was also traded

    ... so I'm probably a little bit more awesome than figures suggest, but everyone knew that anyway

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