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TWDT 2014 Overall 3-League Stats (Regular Season)

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  • TWDT 2014 Overall 3-League Stats (Regular Season)

    Here are the overall ratings combined across all 3 leagues. I've pro-rated people for leagues they didn't play much or any of in, but showed for other leagues, because a player who shows up isn't a 0 in a league just because they had little or no playtime.

    For instance, M_M God showed 5 out of the 7 weeks, and played wb and base. He is a solid 7-Star jav but either sat or went unused. His value isn't 0, even though he didn't play any games in jav. He has potential value that is simply not being realized. If they're short players or need a substitute, he becomes an asset, so I've pro-rated him up.

    The pro-rating's are ITALICIZED, so you can see which league people were pro-rated in. The formula is simply:

    (Games Played * Your Star Rating in that league) * 1.5 = Rating

    For M_M God, this is:

    (5 * 7) * 1.5 = 53

    If your actual rating was below what it would be pro-rated, I pro-rated it (Cough, Geisha) to be fair. If your rating was higher, I left it alone. You can see this is an extremely conservative number, but at least gives a better assessment of the player's value.

    For Basing, if you played 5 games in spider, and 2 in shark, I took whichever rating was higher, then added those games from the other league as increased Confidence to boost your rating.

    If, for instance, you played 5 games with a 200 rating in spider, and 2 games in shark with 100 rating, I'd take your 200 rating and boost it 10-15-20%, depending on confidence levels in that ship, so you'd have something like 230 rating listed instead.

    Also, terr, shark, and wb stats have been updated on this chart for Week 7 (did them originally after Week 6.)
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    Note: the row numbers aren't a ranking - the header is row 1.