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    Patouf vs. Silence


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    This was my favorite match of the week, and a blast to watch, as Patouf narrowly took down Silence in TWDT-B by three minutes, in a tense, entertaining game that featured multiple lead changes and quality basing.

    Trasher (156-71) and Stayon (150-75) were absolute monsters this game, dropping 150 apiece, but for me the biggest playmaker in this game (and the best value, at 7-Stars) was Sprained (119-69, 2 Teks), who hammered Silence on the boards, solo-pushed and killed four people to get a Tek mid-game, and was winning battles and pushing hard both over and under. Bueno (116-67) also had a strong game, and Tiny (68-54) was solid despite being subbed out at 14-12.

    That sub proved to be the turning point, as Patouf, down two minutes, switched nanto (2.8 RPD, 1 tek) to spider and ph had an instant impact, notching an incredible 3.2 RPD and 15 kills in ten minutes flat, including a 4fer to seal the game in the flagroom at the end. His partner porkjet (2.8 RPD) was a stable force throughout as well.

    In terrier was the biggest question mark, as 6-Star Heaven made his playoff debut after a strong regular season against unseasoned opponents, but had yet to prove himself. Things looked dire in the first 15-20 minutes, as a recalcitrant Heaven was a paltry 4-2 and had fired a total of about 3 bullets in that span, looking visibly shaken and out of his depth. He managed to steer the ship, however, playing a very good second half, upping his kill count, playing safe, making some good bursts/ports, and finishing with a strong 55-5, mostly off bursts. He notched 0 Teks to the enemy terr's 3, but Patouf doesn't need him to go out and make big plays, they need him to stay alive and make good drops, and that's exactly what he did. Kudos!

    Silence was a legitimate TWDT-B title contender, and took an early 5 minute lead, and was up 15-13 midway, up two minutes when ph subbed in, thanks to strong play from diakka (139-64), Ayn (133-93), Bacon (98-94), Lasenza (93-70), and boblemoche (89-88), but struggled to hold under, was more campy, and got outkilled by 100 as their low-star players couldn't go blow-for-blow with Patoufs.

    mcvicar (2.9 RPD) and Commodo (2.8 RPD) played excellent, but couldn't force their spiders to win battles or hold under, and I thought they should have switched mcvicar to Spider, subbed Bacon out, and put WAR in shark, as mcv would have held under and helped them stabilize in the flagroom.

    Oder (57-7, 3 Teks) was predictably aggressive, notching 3 teks on a plethora of bursts, but succumbed to too many DOAs, some questionable port placement decisions and even worse at choosing when to port, sometimes porting straight into firing spiders in the middle of the base instead of using more conservative spots to keep the flagroom fight alive. I thought it was a decent game from him, but there was some noticeably poor play during stretches.

    Overall, this was a great game, and you can re-watch it on YouTube with the link above. Patouf will take on Thunder in the Semi-Finals.

    HOT: ph (3.2 RPD), subbing in two minutes down and turning the tide singlehandedly.
    HOT: Sprained (119-69, 2 Teks), for bullying Silence's spiders and leading the push, notching some highlight reel Teks.
    NOT: Oderus Urungus (57-7), for some inopportune DOAs and unclutch ports, almost all set predictably on top of the flag to try to cut down Heaven. The only thing you should be cutting down are wanted ads from billboards for moving companies, because sofas are the only thing you can carry.

    Blooms vs. WIN OR DIE


    This was the far less exciting of the two matches, and the end result was never really in doubt, although I commend the Winordites on managing nine minutes with that lineup against such a stacked foe.

    dreamwin (48-4, 2 Teks) reprised his TWDT-B terrier role that last saw him in the 2014 Finals, where he narrowly lost on Kusoge by a score of 20:00-18:34, putting on an impressive offensive display, ahead of a2m (3.0 RPD) and LF (2.9 RPD).

    In spider were Mango. (104-59), Mean Gene (92-45), M_M God (91-60), Reckful (92-63), and bellflowers (81-44).

    With Cintra unfortunately abandoning ship on WIN OR DIE, vys (45-17) stepped in as a sub-par replacement (albeit an offensive one), with DOWNFALL (2.8 RPD) and markmrw (2.7 RPD) in shark.

    JammyJames (114-60) once again showed his mettle in the green ship, mangling the opposition and leading all spiders once again, despite being on the worse team, leading turban (84-56), TheWadoRooster (80-71), skatarius (75-61), and Cyclone (64-47).

    Blooms will take on Power in the TWDT-B Semi-Final next Sunday.

    HOT: JammyJames (114-60)
    HOT: dreamwin (48-4, 2 Teks)
    NOT: WIN OR DIE's terriers. vys for an avysmal performance, and Cintra for quitting. Cint took one look at his basing lineup, and went "nope".

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    Here is the Playoff Bracket going into next week:

    Click image for larger version

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    1:Ricko> Trasher so good
    1:Ogron> m also sending stayon a msg "heav cant show, start trash in terr"
    1:field> might as well pm stayon "start heaven in terr"
    1:field> same thing as trash
    1:zreqdf> LOL
    1:Ogron> ROFL
    1:Heaven> ?
    1:Heaven> LOL
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    Silence vs. Patouf
    Round 1

    Silence took down Patouf in Round 1 as the Tabarcats were short on low-star players for the first time this season, and fell 50-34 playing 4v5 the entire match.

    Patouf vs. Silence
    Round 2


    Commodo generously allowed Stayon to borrow a player from another team, making this a competitive 5v5 match, as Thunder's Missa provided a body for Patouf to use, as this epic 30 minute round went into overtime in a thrilling jav match between two strong teams.

    It all came down to Patouf's Trasher (14-9) against Silence's Roiwerk (20-10) after the 2v2 turned into a 1v1 with Bueno (13-10) and Commodo (7-10) both knocking each other out at the same time, as Trasher built up a seemingly insurmountable 49-47 lead across the map, but Roiwerk refused to quit and managed to somehow equalize despite a flighty Trasher not giving him many openings, but in the end Patouf veteran managed to clinch it with a nice bounce shot and keep Patouf's TWDT-J season alive.

    The Tabarcats saw solid performances from Stayon (11-10) and Tiny (9-10) as well, alongside borrowed 5-Star Missa (2-10).

    For the Silencers, Best (13-10), diakka (6-10), and boblemoche (3-10) were also in the mix.

    HOT: Roiwerk, with a mind-boggling 20-10 to almost singlehandedly carry his team into the Semi-Finals.
    HOT: Trasher (14-9), who heeded the call to action and put up a clutch performance, outdueling a javing legend and winning the match 50-49. Nice work!
    NOT: diakka (6-10), dying out way too early and negating Silence knocking Missa out.

    Click image for larger version

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    Silence vs. Patouf
    Round 3


    Scoring champion Best (13-9) led Commodo (11-7), diakka (10-10), Roiwerk (8-8), and Boblemoche (6-10) in Round 3, clinching a semi-finals berth.

    For Patouf, Heaven showed up just in time to cost them the game, forcing Round 2 hero Trasher to the bench as Bueno (14-10) and Tiny (13-10) couldn't salvage performances from Stayon (9-10), Tarnish (4-10) and Heaven (3-10).

    Congrats to Silence, who will face Thunder in the Semi-Finals.

    HOT: Best (13-9)
    HOT: Bueno (14-10)
    NOT: Heaven (3-10)

    2:Heaven> lol showed up just in time to save my team
    2:Heaven> I'm a hero

    Silence wins this game!
    MVP: Bueno

    2:Ogron> not that im saying you should have, but if you'd have died in a tire fire earlier your team would be in the dtj semifinals
    2:Hulk> LOL

    Blooms vs. WIN OR DIE
    Round 1


    5-Star Morg dropped an earth-shattering 16-5 (not a typo) in one of the most Herculean low-star performances in TWDT history, annihilating the Winordites in one fell swoop, and leading nobodies Mean Gene (11-8), dreamwin (8-6), a2m (8-10), and Spawnisen (7-6) to victory.

    torcher (10-10) was the only WIN OR DIE member to avoid negging, as regular season behemoth turban (8-10) failed to carry, alongside Kira_Yamato~ (5-10), Spacely (6-10), and vys (3-10).

    HOT: Morg, with a scything 16-5!!
    NOT: vys, with a cratering 3-10 jav performance.

    Click image for larger version

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    Blooms vs. WIN OR DIE
    Round 2


    Racka's squad fared little better in round two, as Spawnisen (12-4, 4 Teks!!) went off, killing friend and foe alike indiscriminantly, ahead of dreamwin (10-7), a2m (11-10), Mean Gene (8-9), and Morg (6-10).

    WIN OR DIE's turban (11-10) and vys (10-10) did their best to force a third game, but Kira (4-10), Spacely (3-10) and torcher (5-10) all fell short.

    HOT: Spawnisen (12-4)
    NOT: torcher (5-10), who ended a strong season on a sour note.

    Silence will move on to face Thunder in the TWDT-J Semi-Finals, whilst Blooms will take on Power.

    Click image for larger version

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      Silence vs. Patouf
      Round 1


      Despite Silence being the favorite, Patouf had plenty of chances to win this series, with Silencer mainstays Lasenza (15-7) and Best (15-10) missing starter Raazi and playing a sub-par diakka (4-10), and moderate play from bad game (8-9) and Kim (8-7), they floundered late in Round 1 and gave up a narrow lead, failing to eliminate Best who was on 9 for eons, and finally succumbing to the Great Eye of the Shadowtower that is Lasenza.

      Iron Survivor (13-10) led the charge for Patouf alongside waven (10-10) and Tarnish (9-10), who all played well but lacked the killer instinct to hunt down Best and close out the game, ahead of Trasher (6-10) and Tiny (5-10), who were serviceable but unspectacular.

      HOT: Lasenza (15-7)
      NOT: Siaxis for not showing up -- could have swung the game.

      2:Siaxis> 4 words ogron, male order bride
      2:Ogron> thats 3 words
      2:Ease> LOL
      2:zidane> ded
      ?find Siaxis
      Not online, last seen 0 hours ago

      Siaxis hasn't been seen since, so I assume he was too ashamed to log on to wb, so in a way, I am the MVP for Silence, helping them seal the deal and advance despite a huge near-choke and unimpressive performance against a worse line.

      Silence vs. Patouf
      Round 2

      (Note: I lost the video for Round 2. Oops!)

      Lasenza (16-7) closed the door on Patoufs TWDT-D aspirations in Round 2, despite receiving little help from Best (8-10) and bad game (6-9), as he led a rejuvenated diakka (11-8) and Kim (9-6) to victory.

      For the Tabarcats, Tiny (12-10) and Iron Survivor (11-10) played well, but couldn't carry Trasher (8-10), Tarnish (6-10), or waven (2-10).

      HOT: Lasenza (16-7)
      NOT: waven (2-10). The only thing you should be wavin', is your AARP card at the movie theatre to go see Matlock 2: Locked Myself Out of the House Again.

      Zidane> waven man, you should retire again, you look like Sylvester Stallone in Rocky XVII

      Click image for larger version

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      WIN OR DIE vs. Blooms
      Round 1


      The first round saw Racka's gang decimate the Bloomers, as the captain notched a 12-6 alongside torcher's 12-4, ahead of vys (9-2), Kira (9-7), and turban (8-7), winning a whopping 24 kills!

      For Bloom, a2m, Geisha, and Burnt all put up 7-10s, to go alongside dreamwin and Gurliver's 3-10 and 2-10s, respectively. Although respect might not be the correct word to use in relation to those performances. More like shamefully.

      HOT: Racka (12-6)
      HOT: torcher (12-4)
      NOT: dreamwin (3-10). Like a straight college coed halfheartedly experimenting with girls, you should stick to javelins.

      WIN OR DIE vs. Blooms
      Round 2


      WIN OR DIE smoked the Bloomers with a punishing, team-oriented performance, as torcher (14-5), Racka (11-8), turban (11-8), Kira (9-9), and vys (5-5) knocked maketso's squad out of TWDT-D with aplomb.

      For the Bloomers, only a2m (11-10) achieved parity, with Burnt (7-10), Morg (7-10), Geisha (5-10), and LF (5-10) falling short.

      HOT: torcher, with a scorching 14-5. Hot hot hot!
      NOT: Geisha, with a terrible performance in his main ship, stinking up the joint with his 5-10. You've been a NOT so many times over the last four years I've honest to god run out of Memoirs of a Geisha jokes to make. Instead of racking my brain for a new one, let's just enjoy some highlights:


      NOT: Geisha -- More Epitaph than Memoir, Geisha put in an abysmal 3-10.


      NOT: Geisha (4-8). The only actual wb in this match other than Raazi (11-10) was Geisha, who completed the worst wb season since beam's TWL 17 with a stunning 6-9 on the winning team, finishing with an overall 19-36 across 4 games. Dat 8-Star value!


      NOT: Geisha, with a god-awful 2-7. LF says he's "still connected to (one of the few) only good looking girls to play tw", maybe he can give you tips on abusing enemy 5/6s, since he's an expert at poaching low hanging fruit.

      With that, WIN OR DIE moves on the Semi-Finals to face Power in TWDT-D, and Silence will take on 7-0 juggernaut Thunder on the other side of the bracket:

      Click image for larger version

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        WB of the Week: Lasenza (15-7) and (16-7), leading Silence over Patouf with a pair of MVPs.
        Javs of the Week: Roiwerk (20-10), with a Jason-and-the-Argonautsian 20 kills, the first time that mark has been reached, and Morg (16-5), with the best 5-Star performance in any league this season, leading Blooms to the Semis.
        Baser of the Week: Sprained (119-69, 2 Teks), the 7-Star was a monster in this game, dominating in spider and making huge plays, helping his team win a tough match over a fierce opponent.

        Players of the Week: a2m and Trasher
        a2m led Blooms to a league-best 2-1 record this week, advancing in TWDT-J and TWDT-B, notching 11-10 in wb, 11-10 in jav, and 3.0 RPD in shark, putting in a strong, understated 3-league performance to help his team into the Semi-Finals.

        Trasher's heroics in TWDT-J pushed the series to Round 3 with a mesmerizing 14-9 in a 50-49 victory over Roiwerk and Silence (he was forced to sit the final Round due to being a 7-Star and Heaven showing up), then MVP'd an incredibly tough TWDT-B game with a terrorizing 156-71 in spider, clinching a Semi-Finals berth for Patouf.
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          All six playoff teams survived the Quarter-Finals, as Silence and Blooms went 2-1, with WIN OR DIE remained alive in TWDT-D, and Patouf going through in TWDT-B. Those four will face off against Thunder and Power across all three leagues this Sunday in the Semi-Finals.

          This is the first time in years this many teams have all made it to the SF, so it should be fun and exciting to watch, as a whopping six teams will vie for a trip to the Finals in warbird, javelin, and base.

          Good luck to all teams!
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            DON'T FORGET!

            TWDT SEMI-FINALS:

            SUNDAY, APRIL 19, 2015

            TWDT-D: Thunder vs. Silence @ 3:00PM EST
            TWDT-D: Power vs. WIN OR DIE @ 3:00PM EST
            TWDT-J: Thunder vs. Silence @ 4:00PM EST
            TWDT-J: Power vs. Blooms @ 4:00PM EST
            TWDT-B: Thunder vs. Patouf @ 5:00PM EST
            TWDT-B: Power vs. Blooms @ 5:00PM EST

            Some of these times might move around between 3-7 depending on circumstances, duration of prior games, etc. They won't start earlier than 3, but could last until around 7ish (Quarter-Finals finished around then yesterday.)
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              Turban has uploaded all the WIN OR DIE vs. Blooms videos for all three leagues -- you can access them via the links inserted in the Hot or Nots or all the links in one post here:

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                The Blooms vs. WIN OR DIE match video is now up:

                Defending TWLB, TWDT-B, and Basing Cup champion